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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 19 💞💸

Two weeks later and Chad was in between dating Maliya secretly and sleeping with his wife Vanessa and spending more time with her than ever unknown to the two women.

No matter how Maliya tried convincing him,he never agreed to meeting her father and wouldn't let her see his parents either cause they knew he was back together with his wife.

‘Are you sure he isn't lying go to you??'.Rebecca asked as Liya packed her papers into a box since she was given a promotion.

‘Why would you say that anyway,Chad and I have been great and he's no longer with his wife anymore'.She chuckled.

‘Look Liya,I was once a side chick and I know a side chick when I see one...I haven't known you for long but I can swear I like you more than you know and I care deeply about you.He doesn't want to see your dad,he doesn't want you to see his dad and mom,he hasn't brought Mimi to work in a long time and he wouldn't even let you come to the house...Can't you see he signs??'.Rebecca said and Maliya thought about it for a moment and then just shrugged it off.

‘You are just being paranoid and trust me if I was his mistress I would know'.

‘Well that is because you are sweetheart'.She heard and when she turned around Vanessa was behind her.


’Wh...what are you—

‘Ohhh Chad didn't tell you?? That we're no longer getting a divorce?? We reconciled almost a month ago and our family is happy as ever and this is—

‘You are a liar Nessa!! Chad would never do that to me!!'.Maliya screamed in fear of the truth.

Vanessa only snickered lightly and brought out her phone,showed her pictures of the both of them posted on Instagram weeks ago and it could be fabricated but Maliya knew it was true.

He was wearing the same jacket when he took her out to dinner at Luigi's and also on the same date.

He wasn't a divorcee!!.

He was still a married man and she was just his mistress!!.

How could he do this to me??,she thought as she grabbed a table for support.

‘Well mistress,this is why I'm here exactly,you're having an affair with my husband and I want it to stop okay?? Stay away from him!!'.

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