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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 18💞💸

‘So when are we going to see this new boyfriend of yours??'.Maliya's father asked as she sat on the kitchen counter.

‘We haven't made things official yet'.She replied.

‘Official?? I don't underestand'.

‘Well he's going through a divorce and I don't want to be anyone's mistress so that's that'.She said.

‘Well he's still your boyfriend technically and i want to meet him,I don't care if he's going through a divorce and no one cares too.. it's time you make things official between you two cause I haven't seen you this happy since Peter'.He muttered and she sighed deeply.

He was kind of right.

Ever since her last marriage she hadn't been able to move on or date until she met Chad who was a breath of fresh air around her.

‘My Dad wants to meet you'.Maliya muttered and Chad forced a cough.

He had an ongoing confusion between the two women in his life and unknown to Maliya,he slept with Vanessa and he enjoyed every part of it.

She told him she was in love with him and he was kind of happy for the first time in a long time in his marriage.

‘Where is Mimi??'.

‘She's with her mother'.

‘Hmmm you seem different'.

‘There is nothing different about me, I'm just happy that's all'.He shrugged but she could still feel something was wrong.

’So how is the divorce coming up?? Are you both getting to court??'.She asked and he nodded without saying another word.

‘So are you going to see my Dad?? I was thinking of making dinner tonight'.

‘Mmmh maybe some other time, right now I can't okay?? I'm having dinner with a business client later'.He said and walked away.

He wasn't having dinner with a client.

He was taking his wife out to dinner instead.

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