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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 17💞💸

‘Are you okay??'.Maliya asked as she sat on Chad's lap.

‘Huh...Yeah'.He snapped out of his thinking and she frowned deeply.

‘Well I was asking you about something but your mind seem somewhere else,is Nessa giving you trouble??'.

‘No,not really I'm just thinking about something that's all'.

‘Well do you wanna talk about it?'.

‘Ummmm no'.He shut her off and she got up.

‘Okay it seems like I'm not welcome here so I'll be on my way now,bye'.She walked off and before he could call her back she was already gone.
Hours later Maliya waited for Chad to come apologize but instead he just walked past her with a smile on his face.

She could see the signs.

Although their relationship was still rocky and wasn't really on a stand she could feel him pulling away which meant something was going right in his life.

And when she meant something right,she meant Vanessa.

Maybe he was back with her, she thought as she grabbed her bag to leave but instead,she found him still waiting for her outside with his car.

‘What do you want??'.She asked and he smiled.

‘You didn't think I would've just left without you right??'.

‘ ignored me throughout the whole day and you were on the phone so...

’You thought I was talking with some woman,are you jealous??'.

‘No I'm not'.

‘Well you clearly are and trust me you look beautiful when jealous'.
Later at night he came back with his shirt buttons going down a notch after the impromptu car s*x he had with Maliya which was something he never expected.

They both had some fun while drunk and from just making out in the car,she made things better by taking off her shirt.

’You look like you had some fun'.Vanessa smiled as she helped him with his bag and his brows went up.

He thought that maybe after a day the whole madness would be over but instead it only became worse.

‘Uhmm Nessa are you sure you're okay??'.He asked.

‘Yeah why wouldn't I be??'.She kissed him on the lips even though he was still a little bit drunk.

He couldn't help but notice how beautiful and sexy she looked with the sexy lingerie she was wearing.

Something was definitely wrong with him.

He was clearly going out of his mind.

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