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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 16💞💸

‘This has got to be a joke or a terrible mistake Nessa,I think you got me mistaken for one of your boy toys'.Chad turned to leave but Vanessa held him back.

‘Look I'll sign the divorce papers okay?? I just want to make things right between us before I do'.She said and he reluctantly sat down on the chair.

She served him dinner and even though he was full,he couldn't help but notice how wonderful the food tasted.

‘You made this??'.

‘Ohh just because I don't cook doesn't mean I can't'.She chuckled and then he drank the wine.

Some minutes later he started to feel very dizzy and then drop to the ground.

‘Divorce me now you bastard'.
The next morning Chad woke up and almost freaked out seeing himself naked and when he turned around Vanessa was fast asleep and she was also naked.

‘What happened??'.He asked as she opened her eyes.

‘We had a special night that's all and you told me you still loved me'.She said and he shook his head.

‘No I will never say that,Nessa what really happened last night??'.He asked again.

‘We had s*x and we were drunk that's all and we're still married right?? It's not like we're both strangers or something?? Do you want breakfast??'.She kissed his cheek and then wrapped a robe around her body.

He put on some pants and followed her into their daughter's room where she kissed her awake.

It was like she was a whole new person again and it scared him to death.

Vanessa had never kissed their daughter before.

They hadn't had s*x in a very long time.

Now she was volunteering to make breakfast?!.

It was like a genie in the bottle granted his long time wish for a perfect family.

‘So have you signed the papers yet??'.He asked.

‘Well not yet,I called my lawyer earlier and I don't want the both of us to drag Mimi,I'm giving you full custody if that'll atone for everything I've done'.She replied and he pursed his lips.

Something was definitely wrong in the right way.

’Okay,I'll go get ready for work now'.

‘Yep, I've set your work clothes and I know you love that red tie a lot so I also brought it out'.She chuckled.

What was going on??.

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