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 ♥️💞💸 THE

💞(An Affair with my rude boss)💞
💞💸 Episode 1 💞💸

‘Liya!! You're late for your job interview Liya!!'..Mr Gomez yelled at his 24 year old daughter who just really wanted a good sleep.

‘Dad?? This really isn't fair and it's just six in the morning'..Maliya Gomez grunted at her overbearing father who was just looking out for her.

‘Well like I always say,you can't be—

‘Too prepared I know but this isn't summer camp or anything and jeez I look like a wreck'.She yawned and went into the bathroom
‘You idiot!! You stupid idiot!! You think I don't know right??!'..Vanessa yelled at Chadwick who really wasn't in the mood for an argument as he walked over to pick a tie.

‘Chad I'm talking to you!!'.She yelled again and he sighed deeply.

‘What do you want from me Nessa!! You wanted ten thousand for your shopping and I gave it to you so what else?!'..

‘What I asked for was twenty thousand dollars for my shopping and you only gave me ten!!! What am i—A pauper?!!'..She scoffed.

‘No you are the most ungrateful bit*h I have ever met and if wasn't for the innocent act you put during our courting years I wouldn't even have married you!'.He fired back.

‘Ohhh so I'm a bit*h huh?? Well you're the most incapable human i have ever met!! A billionaire can't spare his wife some thou—

‘Nessa I give ten thousand grand every week for your upkeep and you're yelling me I'm incapable?? Even Bill gates doesn't spend on his wife the way I spend on you so shut the hell up and let me go wake our daughter who you don't really care about!!'.

‘Of course I don't care about our daughter!! I never wanted to get pregnant!!'.

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