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πŸ’œπŸ’œ(The mistake that changed her life)πŸ’œπŸ’œ

πŸ’œπŸ€°Episode 8πŸ’œπŸ€°

Elsa's POV cont'd πŸ’œ

‘What?!!'..Tanisha and I screamed at the same time..

‘There's a child in your belly'..She replied and I backed off a little..

‘Don't...don't call my mom yet okay!! Please don't call my mom!!'..I begged the nurse in tears and she sighed deeply..

‘Honey there's no shame in getting pregnant at this age?? I had my first daughter when I was 16 and now look I'm s school nurse'..

‘Not helping Mrs Cavano! Come on let's go'..Tanisha said and helped me to my feet..

Tanisha's POV πŸ’œ

Minutes Later πŸ’œ
‘I can't be pregnant!! I...I haven't slept with anyone for a long time so I can't be pregnant!! Why now?! Why me?!'..Elsa broke down in tears and i sighed deeply as I sat next to her...

‘I'm sorry this happened but what if there's a possibility??'..

‘Huh?? What possibility??'..She asked and I made a silent prayer..

She's so gonna kill me if I tell her this..

I can't believe I'm doing this..

Jesus,Lord protect me..

‘Remember when I said you were half naked in Chase's room?? I lied'..


‘You were completely naked and when I confronted him he said you puked all over your clothes so he had to take them.I had to run home and come back with fresh clothes, you were still drowsy and the I knew that it wasn't drinking....I think you were drugged and raped'..I explained and instead of her usual bout of freaking out she was surprisingly quiet..


‘Just need to take a breath real quick'..She stood up and then ran into Derek..

‘Hey are you okay??'..He asked and she bursted into tears immediately..

‘My life is ruined!! The SATs is next week and now i find out that I'm expecting?!'..

‘You're pregnant??'..He exclaimed and I signaled him to shush..

‘It's a very long story but the short version is that Chase Ashleigh might be the father'..I added and his eyes broadened..

‘That bastard! He drugged and raped you Elsa?! I'm so gonna kill him!!'..He groaned and just as he turned to leave Elsa held him back..

‘I don't want you going to Jail again Derek,please I'll handle this on my own'..She begged and he calmed down a little bit..

‘This is just so sad,you've got a bright life ahead of you and now you're pregnant??'..

‘There's only one thing I have to do '..Elsa got up and grabbed her bag..

‘Elsa wh—

‘An abortion'..

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