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💜💜(The mistake that changed her life)💜💜

💜🤰Episode 33💜🤰

Elsa's POV 💜

‘What are you doing here Chase??'..I asked as I poured him a cup of coffee..

‘I came here for the coffee and muffin,am I banned??'..He replied and I scoffed..

‘You can have your coffee and muffin but as far as that ban go I'll do something about it'..I said and Damon ran over with his painting..

‘Mommy,mommy look I drew you and Daddy!!'..He said excitedly...

‘It's cute and you even colored your daddy's uniform like it's camouflage'..I chuckled and he ran away..

‘So he considers Derek as his Dad huh??'..

‘Yes Chase,Derek is his dad'..

‘Come on Elsa you and I know that—

‘You drugged me and raped me and then got me expelled out of school after denying sleeping with me?? Yeah we both know that'..I cut in and he sighed deeply..

He is so freaking lucky that I have the sanity not to pour this coffee on his skin..

‘I was stupid then okay?!'..

‘No you weren't stupid!! You were evil and downright wicked okay?? So please don't just come into Damon's life cause he knows Derek as his dad!! Derek left class just to get me Chick-fil-A nuggets,Derek took me to the hospital for checkups,Derek was there when Damon was born and you were partying so if I calculate the math you're not his father!!'..I yelled and slammed my hands on the counter..

‘Okay fine I'll get going,I'm just having problems in my marriage'..He sighed deeply.

If he thinks he's gonna play the pity game with me then he's in for a long haul..

‘You are definitely out of your mind Chase Ashleigh,see a counselor to guide you on your marriage and don't come to me'..

‘You're a bit*h you know that right??"..

‘Ohhh I have always been a bit*h'..

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