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💜💜(The mistake that changed her life)💜💜

💜🤰Episode 32💜🤰

Derek's POV 💜

‘Hey there big guy,why are you crying??'...I asked Damon while Elsa was busy having a meeting with his teacher..

‘Big Ted gave me a wedgie'..He whimpered and I frowned deeply..

‘Show me who big Ted is'..I said and he pointed at a big kid who was probably too big to be in the second grade...

‘Come with me'..I grabbed him even though he resisted a little and walked over to the big kid..

‘Are you Ted??'..I asked the kid and he turned around..


‘Look here Ted,I'm not gonna do anything or even beat you up but I just have to warn you from giving my son a wedgie or any other kid okay?? Look at this scar'..I rolled up the sleeve of my shirt..

‘I got this scar from killing someone who wanted to prevent me from seeing Damon and I could do the same to you,do you wanna see this same scar on your arm??'.. I asked and he ran away..

’That was awkward'..I heard Elsa's voice from behind me..

‘Ohhh I uhhh—

‘Daddy wanted to murder Ted'..Damon said and I covered his mouth.

When we get home I'll have to teach him on the topic called SECRETS..

‘Well it''s not like that,I just warned him to stop him from bullying Damon'..I shrugged before she got the wrong idea..

‘Mac!!! Oh my God!!'..She cried out and ran over to some guy behind my back..

‘Elsa?? Jesus you've grown!'..He replied and my brows perked up..

‘Who is he?? I don't like him'..Damon whispered..

‘Yeah me too' .I replied and waited until Elsa dragged him over..

‘Well this Mac and Mac this is...

‘Derek,I'm her boyfriend'..I interrupted her and shook his hand..

‘Ohhh and who's this little man??'..He asked crouching down to Damon's height..

‘He's our son'..I replied before Elsa could say anything and he ruffled Damon's hair..

‘He kinda looks like you,Elsa I'll come over later and maybe we'll talk'..He said and walked away..

‘What was that for??'..She jabbed my shoulder and I yowled..

‘What did I do??'..I asked innocently..

‘You were all jealous and all'..She replied and I scoffed..

‘Why shouldn't I be Jealous,he's touching my woman and you expect me so stand and just say hi?? Besides I don't even trust him'..

‘Ohhh please'..

’Daddy is more handsome and is bigger'..Damon came to my rescue and I chuckled..

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