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💜💜(The mistake that changed her life)💜💜

💜🤰Episode 3💜🤰

Elsa's POV 💜

Tanisha and I sneaked out of both our houses and down to to the Ashleigh mansion which was a mile away..

‘Do I look cute??'..She asked as she pimped her black curly and silky hair which I have always been Jealous of..

‘You always look cute'..I replied and after heaving a sigh we both walked through the gate and straight into the party..

Some were swimming..

Some were drinking..

Some were smoking what they shouldn't..

I made a promise to my mother that I wouldn't drink until I clock 18 and I intend to keep that promise..

‘Hey Elsa!!'..Chase hollered and motioned for me to come over...

‘He...Hey Chase'..I stuttered because I was nervous..

I'm usually the girl everyone knows nothing about so being in the circle of the coolest people in school is amazing..

‘Is that crazy Niqqa girl your friend??'..One of them asked and I frowned deeply at his racial slur...

‘Uhhh her name is Tanisha and not Niqqa okay?? That being extremely racist'..I said and he scoffed..

‘Well duhhh her people should go back to Africa or something'...

‘Is your inner circle always like this??'..I turned to chase who was busy pouring me a drink..

‘Ignore Fred, he's always a d**ka*s'..He murttered and handed me the cup..

I smelt the drink and when I was sure it was just punch I took a gulp and I noticed some of the other guys smile mischievously..

‘Who's in for some truth or dare??'..He asked and everyone cheered..

He held my hand and about seven of us went into the living room to play the game of doom...

They spinned the bottle and talk of the devil- it stopped rolling and faced me which meant I was to be asked truth or a dare..

But that's easy cause I always pick dare..

‘So Elsa,Dare or dare??'.. Fred asked..

‘Huh?? I thought we were—

‘Yeah we are playing truth or dare but the rules in this house states that if you're the first one the bottle lands on you're to do a compulsory dare'..He explained and I gulped hard..

I was feeling kind of dizzy but I just shook it off and accepted the dare..

‘I dare you to undress in front of Chase in his room'..

‘What?! Are you being serious right now??'..I exclaimed and they all nodded..

Oh Shit.

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