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πŸ’œπŸ’œ(The mistake that changed her life)πŸ’œπŸ’œ

πŸ’œπŸ€°Episode 14 πŸ’œπŸ€°

Elsa's POV πŸ’œ

At Night πŸŒƒ
‘You okay??'..My little sister asked as she walked into my room..

‘No I'm not'..I replied and bowed my head in shame..

I am suppose to be setting a good example for my sister and now she's seeing me in this manner and pregnant too..

‘If it's any form of consolation I would love to be an aunt??'..She shrugged and I managed to smile at her naivety..

‘I'm not—

‘You are keeping the baby Elsa'..Mom chipped in and my mouth dropped..


‘I made a mistake when I was your age but that didn't mean I didn't love you?? I was young and stupid but never did it cross my mind once that I would get rid of you or your sister...I love you both so much and the love I had for you should be the same you have for your unborn child'..She replied..

‘What would people say??'..I asked..

‘People can go to hell for all we care and besides they all know you didn't do it on purpose?? Words travel fast around this town and guess what??'..She chuckled.

‘What??'..My curiosity increased to a higher notch..

‘Go check outside the porch'..She whispered.

Cassy and I immediately sped down the stairs and opened the door only for me to see gift cards and a lot of supplies for babies..

There was a baby cot,a baby prawn,baby clothes,baby story books,a book about taking care of babies and everything..

‘But why—

‘I told them not to involve the police in any of this and I'm sure we've got it handled'..She said and I hugged her very tight..

All i ever thought was that she would hate me because of my pregnancy but I never expected this kind of love from her..

‘Thanl you Mom'..

‘You're welcome honey and look who's here to see you'..She said and when I turned around it was Derek..

Minutes Later πŸ’œ
‘So why did you come??'..I asked as I sat next Derek..

‘Remember the promise we made to each other when we were kids?'..He asked back and I nodded..

‘We promised to always be there for each other no matter the circumstances,it was a stupid promise'..

‘No it wasn't Elsa and you know that,Chase is q douchebag but punching him isn't going to solve anything'..He said and the look I saw in his eyes was something else..


‘I want to be the father of your baby even though it isn't mine and Tanisha has vowed to be the godmother'..


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