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(Why are you so strange)

They stared at each other in a mutual deadlock for a moment, and then Jacob asked coldly, "Do you even know what you are doing?"    

Wordlessly, she stood facing him like a lifeless marionette waiting for its master.   

 "Do I usually indulge you this much?" He frowned at her helpless state, and he was tempted to throw her onto the bed again and give her some more lessons.

Instead he continued in a frigid tone, "Do you think I will feel sympathy for you when you behave like this? If you don't want to wear shoes, then do as you like."

    His grim expression predicted that he was about to lose his temper. As she was about to respond, he suddenly crouched down.    

He took her slender white ankle in his warm hand. The skin touching hers was slightly rough and it gently grazed along her dorsum.  

"What are you doing, huh? Wear shoes!"    Probably because he had never served a person in this way, and because he was always the one who was being served, he didn't use a polite tone of voice. 

Strangely, he had no objection to his own conduct as he slipped her foot into the shoe.   

 It was as if he had done it before.    

His large hand closed over her slender ankle, gently stroking her skin, and his face grew hot again.    

"Forget it. Don't wear it then."    

Before she could speak, she was thrown on the bed again. The large bed was so soft that she almost bounced off it.   

 As soon as she sat up, his strong body bent forward and he kissed her neck, at precisely the place he had bitten her.  

"Hiss..." Emily gasped in pain and remembered his bite on her neck. "Don't...Stop......"    

"Don't stop?" He deliberately misinterpreted her words with casual banter. "Since you asked, I will satisfy you."    

She turned her cheek, avoiding his kiss and changed the subject, "What time is it?"   

 "Three AM,"  he replied casually.    "Jacob, I am so tired..." She quivered at the memory of his bestial acts yesterday.    

He remembered her expression, her crying and begging when she was under his body. He couldn't help but bully her again, as much as possible... The pain of his memories, and the fire in his head demanded revenge.    

"You can't be that tired. You were comfortable yesterday, weren't you?"  

They had been together for so long before all these horrible things even happened. Jacob always cared about her feelings no matter how much he wanted her. Emily was so upset after hearing his words. She knew he was trying to insult her.   

 He saw her expression change, and the corners of her eyes tightened as he said, "What happened to you? Are you uncomfortable?"    

"I'm fine. I'm just tired. Can I take a break?" she asked in a small voice, a voice filled with fatigue. She spoke so softly that, had he not been listening carefully, he might not have heard it.    

He was very close to her, and apparently he heard what she said. His face darkened then.    

Given the circumstance, he didn't know what to do. He even considered that he should call a doctor to have a look.    

He thought so, but then he said, "I can release you, but then you are responsible to solve this problem, since you started it."  

As she looked up she saw that the bedsheets were tented between his legs, as if he was demonstrating with her! She objected loudly then, "...My hand is still injured."    

His lips curved up into a scimitar smile and scornfully he said, "I don't mind if you solve it in other ways."    

His words froze her to the core and she looked at him incredulously as her face turned white at once.   

 She finally realized that he regarded her as a cheap fling, a doxy or plaything.    

Their relationship's stalling had made her anxious, and in desperation she had chosen this way to try and solve their problems. Now, though their relationship had changed, it had not done so for the better. This was not the way she wanted it to be.  

She should have thought of that before she shamelessly seduced him, shouldn't she? In her haste, she had become no different from any of the other women who were trying to screw him.    

She knew then, that in his eyes, she was a common bitch, just like those women.    
"Why, are you not willing?" he continued scorning her, "You have screwed with me already. Why would you now pretend to want something different? I'll even pay for it. You know that I can give you everything that you want."    

Her heart exploded into a million bleeding shards then. It was strangely painless, and her chest filled with a cold numbness. Tonelessly she said, "No."    

This word represented her last dignity.    Once that was crushed, it would never be put together again.   

 "And what if I must?" Jacob was so stimulated by her dissipated attitude that he suddenly pulled her over and said, "Who do you think you are? Nobody. Did you think that all would be settled when you screwed with me a few times? Don't forget that we are enemies!"  

Emily clenched her lip and retorted, "But you still can't stand the temptation to sleep with your enemy, can you?"   

 "Ho!" He smiled, but his eyes were cold. "Do you think you have succeeded? The game is just beginning. You will suffer my revenge!   

 I've never seen a woman as snotty as you."    

As he spoke he felt a stab of intense pain in his chest, slamming into his heart like a giant hammer. He thought that he could even hear a loud thud as it struck flesh.    

Looking at her pale face, and the despair that grew in her eyes, he began to feel regret and was tempted to take back his words.  

'No! Why should I care how this woman feels?   

 Oh, if she can't even bear this small pain, how could she possibly stay with me?'  

he ran this idea over in his miņd several times, but could not conviņce his heart. It quaked at the change in her expression.

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