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(Love me again)

Emily's eyebrows furrowed into a frown. She looked at the glass of water in her hand and wondered. Sean was clearly so much obsessed with her, but how come he just let her go with Jacob so easily without even a fight or any effort? Clearly, that wasn't Sean's style.

Maybe, it was because Emily threatened him with her life. Then again, she knew that Sean was not the one to easily compromise.

There must be information that he wished to hide, because otherwise, he had some ulterior plan steaming in his mind.

Emily looked around the room for any source of communication. Her cellphone had long since been gone, and so she rushed towards the telephone that caught her eye.

She dialed the phone number, and after the first ring, the call was picked up.

"Emily?" Sean said on the other end of the line. He sounded like he was waiting for her to call, and every time his phone rings, he picked it up and assumed whoever called was Emily.

Emily rolled her eyes at this thought. She pressed her lips tightly and asked, "What the hell did you do to Jacob? Why are things going in a different direction?"

With a smile, Sean denied and played innocent, "What do you want me to do to him? I just helped him regain his memory like you wanted. That's all. Speaking of whom, how is he now?"

Emily heaved a deep breath as she tried to control her anger and said, "Don't play dumb on me, Sean! Jacob is like a stranger. He doesn't recognize me! His attitude was way different from before.

Can you swear with your life that you have nothing to do with this?"

Sean shrugged and casually said, "I'm afraid I can't." With a tone of gloat, he asked, "Still, if it was me, what would you do?"

Sean thought about this and smiled as he recalled what he had done.

He used all his means to make Jacob forget all his memories of Emily and everything related to her, and Beryl's returning to her father just made the process of Jacob regaining his memories due to doubts and mists in his mind sped up a little faster.

Sean knew Jacob was smart. Sooner or later Jacob would notice something was wrong and he would probably find himself a doctor. As the plan coursed through action, Sean had already created a fake memory to make Jacob feel and think that Emily wasn't his treasure but the woman he hated the most instead.

'How does it feel like, Jacob, to have the woman you love the most became the woman you hate the most?' Sean wondered, imaging a fake conversation with Jacob on his head.

That was Sean's revenge on Jacob, because he had hurt Emily and for all the days he spent with Emily. He was very unwilling and against on the two of them being together.

Clearly, Sean let Emily go with Jacob without a fight. He had been genuinely hurt by Emily's rejection and unwillingness to accept him and reciprocate his feelings that he wanted to make Emily experience the feeling of rejection and being abandoned by the person she loved as well.

The more pain she felt, the better, and the more desperate she got, the better.

One day, Emily would come back to him after giving up on Jacob, and soon they would be reborn in the most perfect state.

"What the hell do you want to do, Sean?" Emily screamed, her voice made Sean return to reality. She had no longer control of the anger that was raging inside her heart, and she felt desperate to gain answers, especially when Jacob didn't provide her with any.

"Oh, Emily. I want nothing for the time being. Just treat this as a test for you, okay?" He paused and added, "You should probably know by now that he is treated you as an enemy. You know why? Because his memories had been tampered with."

"You bastard!" At this moment, Emily shook and seethed with anger.

"No, I think I'm actually quite generous," Sean replied. The smile on his face was evident on his tone. Without shame at all with this sudden confession, he continued, "I gave you back to him after all, haven't I? Although, I have to say, you only have a month."

Emily's nose started to flare as she felt that there was something bad behind that message. "What the hell do you mean with one month? I will never go back to your family again even when it is the last thing I do. Do you hear me?

Never! Besides, I am certain that I will be able to correct Jacob's memory that you tampered, you dirty, sick bastard!"

Sean chuckled, clearly unfazed by how Emily just insulted him. "Emily, Emily, Emily. You are still as innocent as always despite all these years." He chuckled once more, making Emily burn more. In a tone of excitement, Sean asked, "What if I told you that the only way Jacob will regain his real memories is for him to die?"

"Bang!" As soon as Sean finished his question, Emily stepped back in shock and accidentally knocked over the glass of water she put on the table before. With one hand gripping the phone, she clenched her another hand so tight her nails were forming crate-like wounds on her palm. "Sean, how could you..."

"I just heard a crash. Are you nervous, Emily? Oh, by the way. I was only kidding!" Sean interrupted and laughed.

At this point, Emily closed her eyes and tried to relax. The wounds on her palm were a bit bleeding now, but she ignored them as if it wasn't there. Then Sean added, "But if you force to correct the fake memory, which by the way only I can manage to do, then he would become a lunatic. Is that what you want, Emily? Turn Jacob crazy?"

Emily felt like she was being cornered and pushed down into a frozen cave as she trembled in anger and anxiety.

If Jacob regained the right memories, then he would just become a lunatic who eventually would know nothing. 'What should I do?' Emily thought and bit her lower lip.

If only they had known that things would end up like this, then they wouldn't have come looking for his memory. Then again, all of these were Sean's doing.

If they hadn't gone to D country, would they still be a happy family without anyone plotting to break them apart?

It was already too late for Emily to cry over spilled milk and regret, because what's done was done, and there was nothing Emily could do except to make sure that everything was going to be fine and resolved.

The voice of Sean rang into her ears again like a magic spell just floating above her head. "Let me remind you that I will give you only one month. If you can make Jacob fall in love with you again, then I promise I will give up and let you go."

Emily's teeth clenched. Her lips pursed into a tight line before she asked, "And what if I wasn't able to do it? What would happen?"

Sean smiled, "It's obvious, isn't it? If you couldn't do it, then you should come back to me and be my Cloris without any protest. How about that for a deal?"

Emily's eyes widened in surprise. "That's impossible!" She screamed and couldn't imagine herself back with Sean and his crazy drugs again.

Sean chuckled and taunted, "Does this mean Emily is not confident to make Jacob love her back?"

"Like I said, I will never ever come back there again. I'd rather die as Emily than live to be your Cloris. Besides, our love is not a wager."

"Really? So you won't take the deal?" He paused and then added. "You know, it's really not up for you to decide. There's a special chip I placed in Jacob's brain that only I can find. After a month, that chip will explode inside his brain."

Emily's heart started to rapidly beat. It felt like someone was strangling her for she was finding it hard to breathe and speak. "What the hell do you really want, Sean?"

Sean chuckled, and with a tone of tenderness and a hint of cruelty, he said, "What can I do? You are my dearest youngest sister and my most valuable beloved. I definitely don't want you to feel sad and hurt, so this is merely me giving you a choice and a chance at the same time. It's up to you."

"Really? I still have any other choice than this?" Emily blinked her eyes multiple times, making her tears fall down on her cheeks. "Other than make him fall for me again in one month? You must be out of your mind to think that I still have any other choice than that, but like I said, I will do whatever it takes to regain that right memory back, and I will never get to see your face again."

Sean's smile disappeared on his face as he said, "And if not?"

Emily swallowed a lump on her throat and forced herself to say this, "Then I will accept my fate of your disposal, but in one condition, you have to get that chip out of Jacob's brain."

"Don't you ever doubt that I was only deceiving you? The whole secret chip thing?"

"I can't afford to risk it." Emily closed eyes and heaved a deep sigh. She opened them again and said in exhaustion, "Just let it be then, but you'd better keep your promise or I will... "

"Of course, I believe in what I did, so I am willing to bet with you," Sean interrupted, gripping the cellphone tightly.

"I believe in myself and especially in Jacob," Emily said determinedly and hung up the phone violently without waiting for a response. She had enough of Sean and thought about being right that Sean did have a plan going on despite letting her leave. She heaved a deep breath.

She couldn't bet on Jacob's life, but she also did not dare seeing Jacob at death's door.

Whether or not what Sean had said was true or not, she was still determined to try and would rather not risk Jacob's life.

Make Jacob fall in love with her again in one month?

'I can do it, ' Emily thought, giving herself courage.

Meanwhile, in Gu Consortium, a knock came at Jacob's door. Jacob called out, and his assistant entered his office.

"Mr. Jacob, Miss Emily made an overseas call with Mr. Sean a few minutes ago." The man then walked towards him, and with respect, he handed over the bug and said, "Here is the record of their conversation."

"Sean, huh?" Jacob slightly narrowed his eyes and felt his blood boil at the mention of Sean. Out of rage, he threw the bug at the corner and ordered, "Get out."

"Yes, sir," his assistant replied and took a bow before leaving the office.

Jacob sat for a long time lost in thought. After a moment, he picked the bug, and when he opened it, he found that it was broken. He sighed and regretted throwing it on the ground.

He placed it inside his drawer, his eyebrows knitted into a frown.

Nevertheless, he still felt a strong feeling of anger and annoyance.

He just brought Emily back, but why did Emily call Sean? She hadn't even been here for a whole day. Did it mean she couldn't get over him? That sick psycho? That was the first thing she did after she woke up? Couldn't it wait?

What the hell did they discuss? Did they talk about how to deal with him, or where they discussing how Sean would take her back?

With these thoughts, Jacob couldn't help but burst into anger.

His enemy, Emily, owed his so much that she couldn't leave without paying him back first. Even until the day she died, Jacob would not let her leave. She should die in his turf before she could go back to Sean.



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