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(It makes me sick)

Slowly, Emily sat up on the soft and comfortable bed. She rubbed her eyes out of sleep and took in her surroundings, wondering where she could be. Not long after, Emily recognized the room, making her eyes open wide in realization.

The beige wallpaper with intricate patterns… The decorations and the paintings that hung on the wall…The way the furnitures were set… All of these were familiar to her.

Wasn't she in a private house that Jacob owned?

Even though she only had been here a few times since they stayed in her apartment most of the time, every detail of the house was clear in her mind.

She gasped and covered her mouth as the realization struck her. She didn't dream about it all.

Jacob did save her and took her back home!

Excitmenet and delight filled her chest, overwhelming her to the point of nearly leaving her breathless. She knew it. She knew that Jacob was going to save her and would never neglect and leave her behind.

Sean lied to her, and she almost fell for it.

Then again, all she could think about now was Jacob. She couldn't wait any longer and removed the blanket covering her. As soon as her feet were dangling on the side of the bed, the door immediately opened, making Emily's eyes turn towards it.

Emily watched as a tall, handsome man walk in, closing the door behind him.

Indifference and a strong sense of force was clearly evident on the way the man brought himself in. He looked like an arrogant emperor, and the way he looked at Emily was nothing like the way she was used to.

The man in front of her was like a stranger to Emily, making her smile drop.

Then again, the feeling of missing Jacob so much was more intense than her impression of him now. She rushed towards him and embraced him with all her strength.

Jacob unconsciously embraced back as if it was a conditioned response, a habit of sorts. He cuddled Emily's soft body in his arms, feeling like the hole on his heart was getting filled in warmth.

Suddenly, the thought that the woman embracing him was so bad that she didn't deserve his love and care crossed his mind.

It made him feel disgusted at himself and immediately pushed her away from him.

The push was a surprise to Emily, and she was still too weak to catch herself and instantly fell on the ground hard. She flinched and winced in pain, but she ignored it and looked up at Jacob.

"Jacob," she muttered as if she was wondering why he would do such a thing to her. Her eyes turned a little bloodshot and shock was evident in her eyes. She couldn't believe what just happened.

Jacob looked back at her with an emotionless expression. There was nothing to read except the disgusted feeling in his black eyes. "Don't touch me," he hissed, making Emily's eyes widen in surprise. He couldn't help but notice the misery and pain as well.

Emily blinked multiple times as she tried to keep herself from crying. "What?" She couldn't believe that he would say such cruel words at her. She would rather believe that there was something wrong with her ears.

"I said, don't touch me," Jacob repeated, placing emphasis on each word in case she still didn't hear right. Emily felt tears welling up her eyes, but she didn't dare let them go. Jacob ignored this, and in a cold tone, he continued, "A dirty woman like you make me feel sick."

She swallowed a lump on her throat as she stared at him without moving. She started to realize her first impression when he came in. The man in front of her was indeed a stranger. She slightly shook her head and said, her voice cracking in attempt to keep her tears from falling, "Who... Who are you? You are not Jacob… my Jacob."

Jacob furrowed his eyebrows into a frown, almost falling for those sad eyes. "What kind of trick are you playing now? I only brought you back here for Beryl's sake."

Emily blinked twice again in disbelief. "Why? Why have you become like this?"

She bit down her pale lower lip and said, "You are not my Jacob. My Jacob will never do this to me. My Jacob remembers the promise we made together."

"I do remember," Jacob replied without missing a beat. Jacob's voice rang into her ears, and each word was as cold and as sharp as a claw, stabbing and tearing her heart and hope apart. "But, remembering it now makes me sick as well."

Emily's heart was now broken into pieces. She didn't know what to do now and let herself succumb into the misery and pain she was trying to hide herself into.

She chuckled under her breath as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Sick? It makes you… Sick? How… How can y-you say that?"

"Can't I? Am I supposed to feel loved? Romantic?"

Every word that Jacob said was one sharp arrow striking down on her now broken and bleeding heart. Emily's face fell and darkened. "You don't mean it, right? You just… you just wanted to piss me off, right? It's not like what you saw between me and Sean. God, me and Sean? I was not willing to - "

I was not willing to - "

"Whatever you had between you and him is none of my business. Right now, you should just behave yourself and recover well, so that you can take good care of Beryl," Jacob interrupted. The mention of Sean's name made hime feel more disgusted and sick.

Emily's tears were uncontrollable now, but Jacob kept his cold stare as if Emily's tears did not affect him at all, making Emily feel more hurt than ever. "I don't believe it! Tell me, Jacob. Why did you leave me and Beryl behind and went back to Z country alone? Why would you do that to us? And, and Sean! He told me that you had a deal with him. What was that? Tell me, Jacob."

"What makes you think that you deserve my explanations?"

"Jacob! I need to know. I need answers, now. I need you to answer my questions!"

Emily stared at him with her red and swollen eyes. She couldn't control her hysterical emotions any longer. She must know the answer!

Jacob felt shocked as a stream of sadness rose up his heart, but he knew better than to acknowledge this feeling. "Why don't you go ask your good brother Sean? I don't owe you any explanation."

Thinking about it now, Sean must be behind all that was happening to them, including Jacob's leaving. Sean tampered his memories to make him forget everything about her, so that he would never take revenge on her, but now he remembered, and all those memories were now restored.

Then again, Sean let him take her away effortlessly. There was something strange in that thought, but Jacob still was never going to let himself be afraid of it.

This might all be an act. If there was something they were both planning to do to him, he would never let it happen.

In the end, Emily didn't get her answers.

Jacob ignored her and turned his back away. She immediately stood up and rushed towards him, embracing him from behind to stop him from leaving.

"Don't go!"

Jacob felt the skinny and frail body envelope him. There was a feeling inside him that wanted to turn around and take her into his arms.

He wanted to carve her into his body and his bones, so that she wouldn't have any chance to leave again.

Jacob came back to reality and felt concerned for whatever just popped into his mind. He shook Emily away as he tried to hide the feelings that were almost betraying him.

Emily was still so weak that when Jacob shook her away again, she met the ground once more, making her face grew paler, and she looked like she was going to pass out again any time soon.

Jacob turned around and said, "I said, don't touch me."

He refused to meet her sorrowful eyes for some reason, but he still wore the indifference on his face.

Emily said nothing as she looked at him quietly. Her eyes were once more filled with tears, but this time, she tried to hold on to them, not letting these tears go by biting down on her lower lip. She bit hard enough to wound her pale lips, now stained with red.

Jacob heaved a deep breath inside him as he felt a strong pang of ache in chest as if he too was being torn apart. He wanted to go hug her and comfort her, and kiss her woes and pain away, but he couldn't.

He should hate her and despise her for what she had done.

He should make her pay and get what she deserved.

With all these conflicting feelings inside of him, Jacob closed his eyes to compose himself. He opened them again and pulled his poker face on in attempt to hide the turmoil inside of him.

"You should take care of yourself. You don't want to let Beryl see a cold and pale corpse."

As soon as he finished, he immediately turned around and rushed out of the room, as if he was being chased with something wild and unbearable.

Emily immediately collapsed on the floor as soon as the door closed. All she could feel now was pain in every part of her body. She wouldn't have believed that the man a while ago was Jacob if not for the physical body she recognized and knew so much.

Her Jacob was overprotective, but he was also very gentle and caring to her.

He would do everything he could even at the expense of his own life just to keep her safe. He was her most beloved man in the world, but the man a while ago wasn't the man she knew and loved.

What happened?

Why were things going this direction?

Emily remembered how he looked at her without any trace of love and care at all. He only looked at her with cold and piercing eyes, and a hint of disgust and impatience lingered on his face. It was like she was his enemy.

He seemed to have forgotten everything that they had been through. The love… the hardships… the experiences and memories they treasured together…

'Wait a minute. Forget?'

Emily finally calmed down and regained enough energy to stand up and pour herself some water from the pitcher on the bedside table. The water was lukewarm, and she savored that bit of warmth in her hands, but her heart now was still as cold as a stone. As if Jacob had frozen it to ice.

Now thinking about forgetting and remembering, Sean was able to bring back his memory, so wasn't he able to eliminate it?


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