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(I promise you)

Emily closed her eyes as she let go of all the tears that welled up on her eyes.

Every drop of tear fell down on Sean's eyes, and it felt like warm acid burning on his skin. He removed his hand on her face and paused for a few moments to look at Emily. There was a hint of malice on his eyes as he said, "I'm sorry, but everything will be fine after a sweet dream. I promise."

At the mention of the word 'dream', Emily's eyes immediately shot wide open. She shook her head violently and refuted, "No! I don't want to sleep. What difference does it make? It's going to kill me either way."

"You know what? I never intended to kill you, but you are really disappointing me right now. All I hope for you to do is be obedient," Sean said, the impatience evident in his tone. He then slightly pressed the syringe and a beam of liquid sprinkled out, making a beautiful curve in the air.

For Emily, the liquid looked more scary than beautiful. She had never once been frightened like this all her life. She struggled and tried to get up like a lunatic and even bit a few hands that were holding her down. "Let go of me! Let me go!" She yelled while thrashing on the bed.

No one expected that Emily would act like a crazy, wild animal, and soon, they all let go of their grip on her as they clutched onto their hands that were now red with bite marks.

At this very moment, Emily exerted all her strength and energy to struggle out of her binds and ran away from the room.

Sean tried to catch her, but he only got a piece of her white sleeve. The syringe then fell on his hand and on the ground, making Sean more furious and impatient.

"What are you just standing there for? Catch her!" Sean yelled, picking up the syringe on the ground as if it was the most precious and valuable thing on earth.

Emily looked back and saw the medical staff running after her. She knew better that it was impossible for her to run out of the Lu's building alone with all the people under the Lu family roaming around the building and especially her energy that was slowly draining would never let her make it outside.

Therefore, she decided to run above and as she reached the rooftop, she stood on the edge of the high-rise building, waiting for Sean.

Within the span of two minutes, Sean and his subordinates arrived at the rooftop.

Sean could not help squinting his eyes from the sun light. His eyes widened in surprise as it focused on Emily standing on the edge with the wind blowing her medical gown and hair. "Cloris, get away from there! It's dangerous!" he yelled.

He then ran immediately towards her.

"Stop! Stay back!" Emily shouted. She was so weak and frail that she felt like a kite now waving in the strong wind. It seemed like she didn't need to jump.

One strong push from a wind could make her fall down. She ignored this feeling and focused her attention to Sean. "One step closer, and I will jump down from here!" she threatened, pointing down.

Sean froze on his tracks. His face fell and eyes darkened. "You… you would rather die than be with me."

It was more of a statement than a question. Emily waved her hand and said, "No, it's not what you think." She looked at his face, but her eyes were hallow and empty. In the light, her pale face made her look more of a walking dead. She continued to speak. "I just... I just don't want to be another person. You see, you just called me Cloris, but my name is Emily, so who the hell am I? Cloris or Emily?"

"You are Cloris, and Emily is also your name. There is no difference, so what's wrong with it? You know what? I can call you whichever you like. Just please, don't be stupid and come down here." Sean was calm and composed from the outside, but deep inside, he was worried and panicking.

It seemed like he was going to lose something important again, and he couldn't afford to feel broken and empty again.

'I can not lose you, Emily. If you die, I will never be able to find someone else who looks this much like Cloris!' Sean thought.

He needed Emily's fresh and perfect body so that he could be able to place in Cloris's soul and personality. When the time came, Emily would forever be Cloris.

'This will be your rebirth, Emily. It will also be Cloris's rebirth.

Why can't you see that this is flawless? What is wrong with it?' He wondered without saying these words out loud.

Emily shook her head. "No! Of course not! There is a difference! How could they be the same?" She closed her eyes for a second. They turned scarlet red from all the crying and the feeling of deep sorrow, creating a great contrast on her pale face. She opened her eyes and continued, "Emily's memory is very different from what Cloris had. She had never experience what Emily had experienced, the same way Emily hadn't experienced what Cloris had. What Cloris knew isn't what Emily knows, so why do you keep insisting they're the same?

They're not, Sean. They are completely different people!"

If Emily became Cloris, she would lose everything she had now. She would forget Jacob, Beryl, and everyone else she had met and everything she had experienced to become the Emily she was now.

There was no way she was going to want to forget all these. She'd rather die than do so.

"I know why you are resisting right now." Sean took a small step towards her as he talked to distract Emily's attention on his strides. "You are resisting me for Jacob, right? But what about him? It has been such a long time, and yet, he didn't even come to see you even once, did he?"

Emily gulped hard and said, "He does not know of my situation. If he knew…"

"Oh, Emily," Sean interrupted. "Please, stop deceiving yourself. I got news that Beryl is back in Jacob's home now, so how could Beryl not tell Jacob about your situation? He must know of it right now, and yet where is he? Stop lying to yourself, and just accept the fact that he had given up on you."

Emily's eyes widened in disbelief. "No. No! That's impossible! You're lying to me!" There was no way that Jacob would give up on her. If there was anyone deceiving her, it would be Sean.

At this point, she noticed that Sean was moving towards her, so she screamed loudly, "Stay where you are! Don't you dare come any closer to me! I would rather die than be your puppet, you sick bastard!"

Emily staggered and took one step back as she finished her words. Her frail body could not even keep her from standing firmly on the ground.

Sean stopped moving towards her and screamed back, "Fine! Fine! I will stay right here and won't step any further closer towards you. Just please, don't jump! Don't take anymore steps back. Just stand firm yourself!"

Emily stood there while the wind pushed on her clothes, making her even more fragile than she looked.

At that moment, she was feeling depressed as she wondered that if what Sean had said was true, then why did Jacob hadn't came to save her yet.

Did he really forget their vows? That they were going to be together until death do them part?

Moreover, what was the deal that Sean had mentioned before?

"Sean, please. Why can't you just let me go?"

Emily begged with her red eyes welling up with tears again. She didn't care anymore if begging made her her lose her dignity, even if it was the only thing she had left. "I don't think I can hold on any longer. I am basically a living dead right now and deprived from my love, my child..."

"Oh, Emily…" Sean felt like he was drowning as well as he said this angrily, "If I let you go, then who will let go of me? You don't know how much I have suffered all these years. All I just want right now is redemption…

Then again, there are no saviors in this cruel world, aren't they?"

"Well then, that's it. Fine…" Emily replied. She wiped her tears from her eyes and slowly, her heart returned to its normal beat. She felt calm as ever as if nothing was happening at that very moment.

A strong feeling of fear surged through Sean at this very moment. He immediately called her name, "Emily…"

Emily looked at Sean as if he had finally came back to his senses. That she wasn't Cloris at all. That she was Emily. "I would rather die as Emily and my own memories than live as Cloris and have nothing of my own left. At least, I can die with my own true self, and all the experiences and emotions I had living," she said in a calm and composed voice.

At this moment, she closed her eyes in desperation, ignoring all the other emotions inside of her. Slowly, she stretched out her arms on her side gracefully despite her frail body. She looked like she was going to fly away like a butterfly.

Sean's eyes widened in fear as he knew what Emily was about to do. Without thinking about it, he called out, "I promise you! I promise you anything you want!

As long as you come down here and don't jump, I promise that I will not push you anymore. Just, come down here please!"

Emily opened her eyes and scoffed. In a cold voice and a hint of irony, she said, "I don't believe you."

Sean stared closely at her with wide eyes afraid that if he blinked, she would be gone right in front of his eyes. He trembled and could not help but feel nervous, "What should I do to make you believe? Should I write down a legal contract? Tell me, please!"

"It's simple. Let go of me," she said without any hint of emotion in her eyes and tone.

Sean shook his head slowly. "That's impossible."

He would never promise her that as it was his last resort. "But I can promise you that no matter what I do, I will always ask for your permission first and never force you to do anything against your will from now on. Do you hear me?"
For a short while, they just stayed in impasse like this.

In that moment of time, Emily could feel her energy draining away as her legs began to shake and tremble. She knew that she was going to fall any time now.
Sean trembled as well. Watching her like this made him really anxious and scared.

He wanted so much to drag her back here, but he controlled himself and never dared to act rashly especially when Emily was just one small jump away from death's door.

That was why, Sean decided to coax her away from the edge first, but before he could speak, a subordinate came to talk to him and whispered something in his ear. Emily wondered what could that be.

She noticed how Sean's expression turned complicated. As for him, he had expected that something like this would happen. He looked at Emily and thought about it for a second before he spoke in a gentle tone.

"Emily, come down please, jacob is here for you.


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