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(His child)

Beryl's eyes widened, and her mouth left agape. She felt a big hammer pounding on her chest over and over again by the scene that took over in front of her. With all her strength, she struggled with her feet and stumbled towards Jack, who was lying unmoving on the concrete floor.

"Uncle Jack," Beryl called out as she cupped Jack's face with her small hands. When Jack's eyes and mouth stayed close, she screamed his name once more in fear.

Beryl started to tremble as she noticed blood, flowing out from Jack's head and other wounds from his whole body. It kept endlessly bleeding, staining his head and face as well as his clothing despite it being color black.

"No, no, no…" Beryl murmured as tears welled up in her eyes, letting them flow out as she fell onto Jack's chest. Her hands shook as she reached for Jack's neck to check for a pulse.

"I'm so, so sorry, Uncle Jack. I know now that I was wrong, and I regret letting that happen. Please, Uncle Jack, don't die. You still have a promise to keep! It's all my fault. Uncle Jack, please, wake up…"

Beryl just cried out on his chest. If only she didn't run away... If only she hadn't insisted to find Jacob by herself... Then maybe, she would not have almost collided with the car that sped towards her, and Uncle Jack would not be lying unconscious on the ground right now. He tried to save her, risking his life by knocking on death's door.

'This is all my fault.

I bring misfortune and danger wherever I go, especially to those around me.

I am really a bane, ' Beryl thought as she cried, feeling guilt and sadness.

Not long after, Beryl felt Jack completely losing consciousness. His face turned pale from all the blood that drained out. She felt his pulse weakening every moment from the tips of her fingers and his breath was getting slower and slower each second that passed.

With eyes wide open again, Beryl sat up and wiped the tears on her eyes to clear her sight. She started to panic and heaved a deep breath to calm herself down. She reached out to search in Jack's pocket for a cell phone that she could use to call the emergency number.
To her great disappointment, she found nothing in his pocket but a few coins as change. Her eyes dimmed as she slowly sank into despair. She looked around her, making her big black eyes open wide again as she her eyes caught a cell phone lying just near the roadside. It was Jack's, and it probably flew from his pocket when he tried to save the little girl.

Beryl reached for it and immediately tried to turn the phone open, but all hope was lost for Beryl when the screen wouldn't open, and the the cell phone had broke from the crash and was useless now.

The little girl lapsed into a state of despair and hopelessness. A few moments later, her hope started to fade in again when she heard footsteps coming from behind her moving closer towards them. Someone must had come to help her! She wiped her eyes just in time the person behind her stood behind and spoke, "Is he dead?"

Beryl stopped wiping her face as she immediately recognized the voice. It sounded indifferent and merciless, but still, it made her heart skip a beat. She immediately turned her head and was face to face with none other than her father, Jacob.

Beryl's eyes shone in the dark. "Daddy!" she shouted full of excitement.

Jacob looked down at the little girl, crouching on the ground beside Jack's still body. His eyebrows furrowed into a frown and wondered, 'Did this child just call me Daddy?'

Before he could even find out whether or not he heard right or what had happened now, the little girl rushed towards him and hugged his thigh. She looked up at him with a smile and cried, "Daddy, I finally see you! Please! Please save Uncle Jack! He's dying from getting hit by a speeding car!"

Jacob ignored the little girl's cries for a moment and looked down on her. She looked dirty with soil and grime while her face and hands were stained by Jack's blood. He wanted to shove the little girl away, but for some unknown reasons, he held his impulse back and stood still, letting the little girl hold on and dirty his expensive clothes.

As he remembered the little girl's pleads, he scoffed and said, "Save him? On what basis, did you expect me to save him?"

He asked in a mocking tone as he looked down on the little girl and pointed towards the body with his index finger. Beryl ignored the indifference in Jacob's tone as she felt desperate for someone to save Uncle Jack. Her tears flowed down her cheeks as she begged, "Uncle Jack got hit by a car, and it was all, because he saved me from getting hit instead! Daddy, please, save him! I beg you, please! Uncle Jack is not a bad man, and he even helped me up on my feet when I had nothing left."

At the sound of the little girl's pleading for Jack's life, strong feelings of hatred for Jack surged through Jacob's chest. Jacob scoffed and said coldly, "Ridiculous! Why would I want to save someone I hit with my own car? Are you kidding me?"

Beryl froze. She could hardly believe what she just heard. She loosened her grip on Jacob and stepped back, looking at him in horror as if he was a horrible monster. She trembled as she moved away from him and muttered in disbelief, "It's... It was you."

Beryl blinked multiple times in surprise. 'Did Daddy intended to kill me? If it wasn't for Uncle Jack's heroic move, would I still be alive by now? Would I be the one lying lifelessly on the ground instead? Oh, what a horrible thing! If it wasn't for Uncle Jack, I would have been killed by own father.' She thought with sadness, fear, and disbelief.

In reality, he was just driving home fast moments ago, so when he saw a child crossing the road ahead, it was too late for him to step on the brakes. The only thing he could do at that moment was to steer away quickly, so that he would not hit the little girl.

He was able to turn the hood away from the child. What he didn't expect, however, was Jack, rushing out suddenly from the side.

The car hit Jack by accident. He was just in the wrong place at a wrong time.

In other words, if Jack had not rushed out, then he would probably still be in one piece right now. Jacob would not hit the little girl as well. She might just be scared and traumatized, but at least, she would also be in one piece.

'Obviously, what happened to Jack wasn't my fault. He was in the way, and he reaped the fruits of his own actions, ' Jacob thought without any mercy at all.

Besides, Jacob would never feel guilty about hurting Jack. It was a very foolish thing for Jack to have done, and if he didn't escape from his prison, then he would pretty much be alive and well right now.

Jacob thought without any mercy at all. Besides, Jacob would never feel guilty about hurting Jack. It was a very foolish thing for Jack to have done, and if he didn't escape from his prison, then he would pretty much be alive and well right now.

Jacob removed his gaze from Jack and turned to the little girl, who stared at him in fear. "You called me your father a while ago, so now, why are you standing a few steps away, afraid of me?" He eyed her carefully, and as he kept his stare, he gradually had a familiar feeling in his bones that he should have recognized this girl. That they were very much close to each other.

Strange as it was, however, no matter how hard he racked his brain for an image of her in his memories, he could not find any recollection of her. The only thing that popped into his head was that she might be the little girl claiming to be his daughter at the Gu Consortium a few days ago.

Thinking about that, he took step forward and was about to pick her up. Beryl was taken aback by this gesture that she stepped back every time Jacob stepped forward. She was trembling in fear, but she swallowed that fear down, shaking her head, and said, "No, you are not my father. My father is not evil like you! He is kind and caring, and he loves me and wouldn't ever place me in danger!"

Jacob stopped moving towards the little girl. His face darkened and grew gloomy, but he would never allow himself to argue with a little girl. It was childish and immature, so instead, he turned around and reached for his phone, dialing an emergency number. He called an ambulance first and then the police.

Beryl gasped and finally felt hope when she heard this. She looked down at Jack's body and prayed that he could still be saved. Not long after, the police and the ambulance had arrived. The police identified that it was Jack, who escaped from prison, while the health-workers placed him in a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Sam was also called in to come and deal with whatever happened here. As soon as he arrived, a poor little girl standing beside Jacob caught his eyes. His eyes widened in relief to find Beryl at last and excitedly walked towards her.

"Beryl! I finally found you!" Sam called out when he was a few steps away from her. Beryl turned around and her eyes shone brightly. "Uncle Sam!" She cried out and couldn't help but run towards him and threw herself into Sam's arms.

Sam crouched down to reach for her and carry her in his arms. Beryl embraced Sam's neck and sobbed for she couldn't control her emotions anymore.

"Beryl, are you okay? Did you get hurt?" Sam asked softly and looked for any visible wounds on Beryl with his eyes full of concern. Indeed, he got attached to this girl and so did Berly after he had taken care of her for quite a long time in the stead of Jacob and after he went missing. He felt great affection for the little girl.

"I am okay, Uncle Sam." Beryl sobbed and added, "But Uncle Jack… He was badly injured because of me. Please save him, Uncle Sam! I don't want him to die."

Beryl continued to cry as she embraced Sam. Sam patted her on the back and soothed her in a soft voice, "Shh, it's okay. There's nothing to be afraid and worried about. The ambulance is already taking him to the hospital, and I am sure that they will do their best to save him.

He will be all right. Rest assured."

Beryl nodded and slowly, her tears stopped flowing down her cheeks. All that was left were dried neat lines of tears on her dirty face, making her look more pitiful.

Meanwhile, after talking to the police, Jacob stared at the sight of Sam and the little girl with cold eyes. They were covered with wisdom and a bit of rage.

He was sure now that the little girl was the child who went to Gu Consortium and tried to meet him that day.

The little girl insisted that Jacob was her father, but now, looking at both of them, he thought that Sam was more like her father as they both seemed to get along really well.

Sam noticed Jacob's expression and realized that Jacob was Beryl's real father, and that Jacob must be unhappy to see him comforting Beryl, so Sam immediately handed Beryl towards him.

Before Jacob could respond, Beryl tightened her grip on Sam with a frightened expression on her face. She turned her back towards Jacob and buried her head on Sam's neck in panic, refusing to leave the comfort and security of his arms. "Please, Uncle Sam, I don't want to stay with him," she said with fear evident in her trembling voice. Hearing this, Jacob couldn't help but feel hurt, a feeling that he couldn't understand why. His face darkened once more.

He scoffed and said, "Did you really think that I want to hold you? Of course not.

You can't be my daughter, because you're dirty and ugly. No daughter of mine is anywhere near that description."

"Mr. Jacob!" Sam said as he could not help but intervene. "You're going way too far. You can't treat Beryl like this, because she is really your daughter."

"Well, if you like her, then you can keep having her by your side. She is not my daughter. Do you hear me? Besides, I think you would like to be her father, and you would be great at it."

After saying that, Jacob didn't wait for a response anymore and turned around to leave as if he didn't care about Beryl at all. Besides, he still had a lot of things to deal with.

Beryl turned around to watch her father walk away from them, making her eyes welled up with tears again. They rolled down on her cheeks like broken beads as she watched Jacob disappear in the distance. She heard those ruthless words loud and clear, and this time, it broke her heart more.

She couldn't think of any excuse as to why Jacob was evil to Uncle Jack and most especially why he treated her so cold and indifferent.

That was why he refused to accept her as his daughter, and that he was even willing to hand her over to someone else and abandon her as if she was just a material thing that was easy to give away.

"My daddy won't do that to me," she muttered and continued to cry.

Sam patted Beryl on the back and coaxed her patiently to stop crying. His eyebrows furrowed and wondered why Jacob changed so much. What on earth had happened to him before he returned to Jingshi City? It was still a big mystery, and Sam was going to find out why, especially now that Beryl was in his hands, he was going to focus on Jacob next.

After Sam let Beryl be washed off and changed into fresh clothes, they both headed towards the hospital. They both felt relieved to hear that the doctors were able to save Jack and any day from now, he would be able to wake up. Once Jack was settled in his own room, Jacob took Beryl for a DNA test. He couldn't stand the persistence of Sam and the child, so he had to know for sure whether this girl really was telling the truth or that she was just spouting lies to gain money from him.

Beryl was hesitant to come with Jacob at first, but she obeyed when Sam reassured her and even behaved well during the test. On the other hand, Sam felt to be placed in a complicated mood while he waited in the waiting room. Was it really necessary for Jacob to do a DNA test? Did he really not believe that Beryl was his biological daughter?

Whatever the case, Sam expected that the results would confirm, hoping that it would make Jacob finally believe without a doubt. With the innovation of technology, the test results came out quickly. Jacob stood up from his seat to grab the test result, while Beryl stayed beside Sam, both of which knew what was written on that paper without having to see.

Jacob immediately placed his eyes on the bottom of the paper and found out that the little girl was indeed his own child.

He looked at Beryl, who was looking back at him as if saying, 'I told you so'. His eyebrows furrowed into a frown as he returned his gaze back on the paper, but his mind was lost in his thoughts.

'That little girl really is my child. In that case, who is her biological mother then?'
As his memory took him down the lane, he recalled someone named Emily, who was still quite blurry in his mind. 'Is she Beryl's mother?'



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