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(He just run away right under our nose)

"Be quick! Catch him!" A man dressed in all black, whispered to his men. As he gave the orders, a group of undercover policemen, also dressed in black, came out of the shadows and ran in Jack's direction. They had two mission objectives: rescue Beryl and apprehend Jack.

Behind him, Jack could hear faint rustling noises in the bushes. Sweat dripped from his hair, and he frowned as he realized he was in danger now. He cursed under his breath and then ran as fast as he could with Beryl in his arms.

Jack had no idea that he was being followed all the along.

"Police! Let the child go and turn yourself in! We have you surrounded." One of the policemen shouted at Jack.

Jack quickened his pace, completely disregarding the warning he had just been given. He threw himself forward with even greater speed. His lungs and heart were pumping, but the air didn't seem to be enough as he sprinted forward, panic trembling in his exhausted limbs.

"Uncle Jack, please put me down so that you can run faster. Otherwise, they will catch you!" Beryl's eyes were filled with pity. She couldn't understand why the policemen wanted to arrest Jack. After all, she was in no danger at all because he would never hurt her and if anything, he only treated her with kindness.

Perhaps they were just trying to save her, if that were the case, she didn't want her uncle Jack to be arrested because of her.

"Don't worry, Beryl. I am okay." Jack assured her. He knew he could easily outrun the police if he had left Beryl, but then she would undoubtedly be taken back to Jacob by the police.

However, what if these men were not with the police?

If they were just bad men pretending to be the police, leaving Beryl to them could potentially put her in grave danger. Was he really willing to take that chance? No!
It wasn't worth the risk.

Jack was wrong, however, as the men in black were policemen indeed. They had been following Jack's trail for a while, but they didn't take action until now because they were afraid that Jack would bring harm to the hostage if he knew he was being pursued.

The police had to make sure that they wouldn't be putting any other civilians in harm's way before they decided to take action and arrest Jack.

However, they made the mistake of underestimating Jack as they did not expect him to become aware of them so quickly. Much to their chagrin, Jack was now on the run.

In spite of everything, there was no way they could allow him to escape.

Meanwhile, Jacob came to know about the news from his resources. When he found out that Jack had broken out of jail and the police were in hot pursuit, his face contorted with fiery outburst.

"I need to stop him myself," Jacob said coldly with eyes narrowed. He picked up his keys from the table before he drove to the place where Jack was supposed to be right now.

Prison break? Was there anything Jack couldn't do? Just amazing!

Jacob didn't care whether Jack broke out from the jail or not as long as he didn't intervene in the life of his family. Amidst all the chaos, he wondered what Jack was doing near his house. Did Jack end up there on purpose? Was Jack looking to attack him?

Suffice it to say, there was no way Jack could pose a threat to Jacob.

Jacob's car sped through the long, dark road while he was desperately trying to wrap his head around the situation. Meanwhile, Jack carried Beryl on his back and kept running with everything he had left, even though he felt like his time was up.

Beryl rested on Jack's broad shoulders, feeling safe and warm. But when she realized that the distance between them and the police were slowly reducing, she got nervous. "Uncle Jack, just leave me, please. They are catching up to us.

They're only after you! You can't keep up like this any longer!"

"No, Beryl, I will not leave you to these bad guys." Jack's rasping throat was as parched as a dead lizard in the desert sun.

Jack whipped his head around nervously and then ran into the nearest dark alley with Beryl. He found a green garbage bin in the corner which was luckily big enough to accommodate the both them. Fortunately, it did.

"Beryl, the garbage bin is dirty and it smells awful, but we have no choice now. I'm sorry to let you go through all of this," Jack apologized.

"Uncle Jack, don't worry about me. It's okay." Beryl explained, "I am the one who should say sorry to you. I've put you in this situation. I..."

Before Beryl could finish, Jack put his hand on Beryl's mouth and warned her quietly, "Hush, they are coming."

Beryl froze almost immediately and stopped talking.

The footsteps drew nearer and they stopped near the garbage bin. They were so close Jack could hear them talking.

"Where did he go? Find him! Spread out!"

"It seems as though he ran in that direction. Let's split up into three groups. It will be easier to find him then."

"Alright. But remember, don't push him so hard. Otherwise, he will hurt the child in his hand."

All the while, Beryl held her breath during the whole conversation. Her face is flushed red and her expression is just pure panic. As if any minute her heart was going to explode. She didn't believe what they were saying.

She firmly believed that her dear uncle Jack wouldn't hurt her.

Beryl kept vigilant against Jack at the beginning, but the more she got to know him, the more she learned to trust him as well. Her instincts had told her that Jack was worthy of her trust.

"Look! What about this garbage bin over here? Let's have a look," a young policeman said as he pointed at the garbage bin to his partner. He tried to shake the bin but it was too heavy to move. "That's weird. Why is it so heavy?" he whispered to his partner.

At that moment, Beryl, in the grip of silent panic, felt like her heart was going to give out.

The policemen removed the cover of the garbage bin.

Beryl shut her eyes tight and held her breath, somehow still praying for a miracle in her mind. What would they do if the police had found them inside?

Jack was just as nervous as Beryl now.

He thought that he would be doomed if he were taken to jail again. It had been just two days since he successfully escaped from the jail. How unfortunate would it be to be taken back after all the effort.

Jack could even imagine Jacob's arrogant smirk after he'd find out that he had gotten arrested again.

However, Jack would rather spend the rest of his miserable life in jail than let these men get their hands on Beryl.

Especially, when he wasn't sure whether these policemen were trust-worthy or not.

If they turned out to be gangsters, they would take Beryl and hold her hostage for ransom after they learned of her identity.

Yilia's behavior was a clear warning for him.

Jack couldn't stand to see anything bad happen to Beryl. He hoped with all his heart that they were real policemen. He didn't mind going to jail again, just as long as Beryl was safe and sound.

He had to be sure that they were real policemen so that Beryl could be taken back to Jacob safely

Funnily enough, fate had played tricks on him again. In the end, he found himself right in the beginning again.

Jack's mind flashed through a lot of thoughts in just a few seconds.

Finally, the cover was moved. Jack closed his eyes, desperately, waiting for the predictable end. To his surprise, he heard nothing from the the policeman even after a few seconds had gone by.

Jack squinted his eyes before peering upward to see what had happened.

"It's you!" Jack whispered in shock.

The young policeman glanced at him with affirmation and then turned to his partner who was walking towards him. He said, "It's empty. But I will check it thoroughly just to be sure. I suggest you don't to come over. It smells really bad. I can handle this on my own. Why don't you go and search the other places? You know we're running out of time!"

"You are right. I will search somewhere else. Please inform me once you find anything suspicious," his partner replied and then he turned around to another direction.

After his partner left, the young policeman breathed out a deep sigh of relief.

"Mr. Jack! Do you remember me?" the young policeman said with respect as he usually did before.

Jack was quite familiar with this face and replied with a smile, "Of course I remember you."

The young policeman apologized, "I am so sorry, Mr. Jack. I was not able to help you get away. The only thing I can do now is to keep silent and try my best to distract them and lead them away from you."

"You don't need to be sorry. You really did me a favor just now. I am very grateful!" Jack said, feeling relieved.

He was delighted and also shocked to meet the policeman here who had served as his private bodyguard once.

Jack never expected that his bodyguard would one day become a policeman and save him at this critical moment.

"I am afraid I have nothing left to reward you for your great help. Such a pity. I am sorry for that," Jack sighed.

"Mr. Jack, please don't say that to me. I am helping you for nothing in return, but only for your gratitude," the policeman said excitedly, "I would have died helplessly on the streets if you didn't offer me the job before. I am thankful that I can have this opportunity to repay for you. Mr. Jack, don't worry. I will do everything I can to help you!"

"Thank you very much," Jack said in a touching tone. Jack could tell from the policeman's face that he was sincere and was genuinely willing to offer his help.

A wave of warmth rushed over Jack as he heard the policeman's heartfelt words. Jack thought to himself that he would reward the policeman later if he had the chance to start over again.

"Mr. Jack, I am afraid you have to stay inside for a while. But I believe they will leave here soon once they fail to find you. You can get out after we leave here," the policeman suggested to Jack.
"That's fine with me," Jack nodded. He held Beryl closely in his arms and comforted her. "Everything's going to be fine," he whispered in her ears.

When the young policeman realized that his partner had returned, he pretended to check the trash inside but he made sure to hide them underneath all the trash. After making sure they were properly hidden, he walked to his partner.

"I have searched the garbage bin several times, but I couldn't find anything. What about you?" the policeman asked.

"Still no progress. I am wondering if Captain Liu has any good news." His partner yawned.

"You are right. Let's go and have a look," the policeman replied.

Before long, they had vacated the area.

The policemen found nothing after searching every corners of the alley. Needless to say, they were all frustrated.
"Jack is so cunning! I saw him run into this alley. It's so weird! How did he run away from under our noses?" Captain Liu was fuming mad.



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