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(I won't hurt you)

With a grim face, Sam looked at Yilia and continued, "She didn't lie. Beryl really is Mr. Jacob's daughter. Now, where is the kid? Where do you keep her?"

"What?" Yilia stammered. Her eyes suddenly opened wide in disbelief. She shook her head multiple times, and her eyebrows furrowed in a frown. She bit her lip and cried out, "Impossible! That's impossible! You can't possibly know that! Mr. Jacob himself told me that he has no daughter."

'How is that possible? That brat? That little, lying girl is Mr. Jacob's daughter?

This man must be deceiving me!' Yilia thought with a huge frown on her face. She looked at Sam and wondered if he really was lying in front of her. When she saw how serious he looked, Yilia swallowed a lump on her throat. She couldn't accept the fact that Beryl was really Jacob's daughter, because she obviously knew what awaited her.

Once Jacob found out what she did to his daughter, there was no wonder that Jacob would kill her.

On the other hand, Sam observed Yilia's expression. He honestly didn't care what she was thinking about. All he cared about was Beryl and Emily, who were the most important people in Jacob's life. He was willing to do whatever it took to protect both of them.

He adjusted his grip on her collar and tightened it. Yilia winced. The indifference that covered Sam's face was as cold as ice. When Yilia still wouldn't talk, he asked again, "Where is the kid? Where is she? Tell me!"

"The kid… she… um… she…" Yilia stammered and lowered her head to avoid his piercing eyes. She swallowed another lump on her throat and replied, looking anywhere but him. "I... Honestly, I don't know! After she cut my wrist yesterday, she ran away to God knows where! Believe me, I don't know where she is right now."

"And you let a little kid run off like that?" Same glared at Yilia and tightened her collar once more to make her look at him. Yilia shook and couldn't answer in fear. After a moment, Sam finally loosend his grip and let go of Yilia. He looked at his hands with disgust as if he just threw trash with his own bare hands. He placed a hand on his temple and ordered, "Take her away."

Yilia's eyes widened as several men clad in black suit entered the ward after getting Sam's order. They held Yilia by the arms and dragged her violently, pulling her away without mercy.

Yilia struggled as she was being dragged out. She glared at Sam and exclaimed, "What are you doing? What is this? We're in a damn hospital! You can't do this to me! It's against the law! Let me go!"

Sam ignored Yilia's cries. His face didn't budge and stayed indifferent, but deep inside he was already anxious and lost in thought.

Why did Beryl come back alone from D country? How could Emily let her child alone? 'She is only five years old, but clearly, she already had been trafficked and deceived for the past few days. Now, the little girl is wandering alone, most probably lost and scared. Who knows what could and would happen to her?'

Sam thought. He also wondered what happened to Mr. Jacob and why he forgot about Beryl and Emily.

For now, Sam focused his goal into finding Beryl first. He had to make sure that the little girl was safe.


Meanwhile, Beryl wandered around the city, trying to find Jacob. She went here to see her father, and she had to fulfill that goal. However, she didn't know where she could find Jacob, and she knew better than to trust strangers.

Especially that what Yilia did to her was so painful and almost traumatic.

As she walked, once she got tired, she would sometimes hide quietly behind the garbage bins beside a fastfood restaurant. She would feel hungry as she looked the glass walls of the restaurant, but she felt more longing and sad watching the crowds inside eat with bright smiles on their faces along with their beloved ones or friends.

This image made her smile and reminded her of the times that her mommy and daddy would take her to the cake shop, and they would enjoy themselves with the sweetness of the cake from the frosting to the core. Her heart filled with warmth as the happiness from those moments was still vivid for her.

Right now, she looked like a homeless and neglected puppy. She had no other choice but to watch how happy others were, while she succumbed to her own melancholy.

Some of the people that passed by her had pity in their eyes, making Beryl feel even more sorry for herself.

Then again, she shook these negative thoughts away and tried to cheer herself up.

Back in their place, her mommy and Anna were waiting for her rescue. They were depending on her, and she wanted to be their superhero and save them.

Because of this thought, Beryl once again gained a little strength and confidence. She believed in herself that she would find her daddy's company at the end and would be able to see him and talk to him. When they meet, if her daddy apologized to her, she would reluctantly accept his apology.

She wanted her daddy to beg her for a long time before she would talk to him, and that she would pretend to be angry at him to make him feel guilty.

What he had said to her before really stabbed Beryl's heart, but her pain now was nothing compared to the danger her mother was in now. She had to act fast to save them before it was too late.

At last, Beryl made up her mind. She smiled, but after a while, the delicious smell from the fast food restaurant finall distracted her, making her empty stomach growl like a starving beast. She swallowed her own saliva and murmured, "Ugh, I'm so hungry!"

She remembered how much different her lifestyle was before until now. She was treated and lived like a little princess, but now, life gave her nothing.

After some hesitation, Beryl decided to just don't care anymore and scavenged something almost decent in the trash can.

Besides, the trash can looked new, and the garbage that were placed were still fresh. Beryl's eyes lit up as soon as she found a half-eaten hamburger someone recently threw. It was so appealing for Beryl now that she didn't care whether she found it in the trash.

Slowly, she crawled inside and reached the leftover burger. Once she had it, she looked around her warily as if someone was going to steal her burger. She then skidded towards the corner to hide.

Beryl sat and couldn't wait to devour her food. She held the burger like a little hamster and ate it with relish. Her extreme hunger made her finish her food as fast as a blink of an eye. Her stomach did indeed called her attention too many times before.

As soon as she finished it, Beryl felt a cold drop of water on her arm. She looked up the sky, and the clouds where turning dark as it began to drizzle. As the wind picked up its pace, passers-by wrapped their coat more closely around themselves to avoid the cold and splatter.

Beryl rummaged to the bin again and found a broken duvet. She wrapped herself around it and hid inside it, trying to get wet and cold from the downpour. At this moment, she looked more like a homeless beggar.

Meanwhile, Jack walked pass the street and had never thought that the first scene he saw after he got out of the prison was this sight.

He blinked his eyes multiple times, finding it hard to believe what he was seeing. Why was Bery sitting in the corner like a little beggar? He even noticed how she devoured the leftover in the trash can, considering how luxurious she had been living before.

'Maybe, she just looked a lot like Beryl, ' Jack thought, which was more believable than his previous thoughts. Besides, he shouldn't be lingering over Jingshi City under current circumstances. The longer he stayed here, the more chances that Jacob would catch him. There was no time for Jack to care about that little beggar.

He turned to walk away but stopped. Although he talked to himself about the consequences of lingering around the area longer, he couldn't seem to move away when he looked back at the little beggar's face.

'One more look would be fine.

It's all right. You wouldn't lose anything if you just give her some money, ' Jack thought as he talked to himself.

He then covered half of his face and walked towards the beggar.

As Beryl felt comfortable with her makeshift blanket around her, she looked up and noticed a tall man walking towards her. Beryl narrowed her eyes to look at the man and felt like she had seen this man before, but she couldn't recognize him well due to the mask that covered half his face.

Since Beryl had trust issues, her strong intuition told her to run away now no matter who he was.

She stood up alarmed and was about to run away when the man had stopped her by grabbing her wrist. Beryl struggled and tried to let the man's grip off from her wrist, but as soon as the man called her by her name, she stopped struggling and trembled instead.

Then again Beryl was reminded of the fact that Yilia knew her, and still, she had beaten her like crazy. Beryl's heart started to race, and like a frightened deer, she thrashed and struggled once more. Because of this, Jack held her into his arms to stop her.

"It's okay! I won't hurt you!" He held her tight in case she ran away but also enough not to hurt her. He said again as Beryl won't stop. "I'm Jack! I'm your Uncle Jack! You know me, Beryl! There's nothing to worry about. Everything's fine. I won't hurt you. I promise."

"Put me down! Let me go!" Beryl yelled and kept thrashing around. She ignored whatever this man said and bit his hand.

No matter the case, she couldn't trust anyone now, and the pain Yilia inflicted on her just made her lose her mind with other people.

"Ouch!" Despite the pain of the bite, Jack still held on and didn't even loosen his grip on Beryl.

Some passers-by stopped to look at the scene, and Jack knew that the more Beryl thrashed and cried, the more people would be attracted to crowd over.

Before any more people would notice them, Jack walked away with Beryl in his arms and took refuge behind a little hotel.

Once they were out of sight, Jack talked again, "Beryl, you don't have to be afraid. I won't hurt you, I promise. Tell Uncle Jack what happened. Why are you here and alone? Where is your mommy?"

"Let me go! Put me down!"

Beryl stopped struggling as she felt even more exhausted than before. She broke down and started to cry. Her eyes immediately started swelling. She kept her defenses even though she wasn't struggling anymore, just like a little animal trying to protect herself. Jack was about to talk again when she yelled, "All of you are bad guys! All of you want to hurt me!"

"Beryl! Please!" Jack frowned in sadness and felt extremely sorry for her as soon as Beryl bawled into fits of cries. He sighed and then said, "Believe me, I'm not one of those bad guys. I won't hurt you. You are safe with me. Think about it, Beryl. I know I can't be called a nice guy, but I have never hurt you since we met, haven't I?"

Then again, he did hurt Emily before, but he didn't do it on purpose, and he swore to God that he would never hurt Beryl or even think about hurting this little girl.

Even though he threatened Emily before with it, deep inside he meant nothing of it, and that all those were just empty threats without the intention of really acting on them.



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