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(You don't love anyone)

After Sean left, Beryl laid quietly beside Emily, slowly dozing off.

Just as Beryl was about to fall asleep, Emily suddenly grabbed her little hand and tightened her grip slowly.

Beryl drifted back to consciousness, feeling somewhat relieved and confused. She felt relieved because her mother was close to her, but confused as to why her mother had woken her up.

"Mommy..." Beryl was just about to speak when Emily put her hand over her mouth to stop her from uttering a sound. 'What is going on?' Beryl wondered. Beryl had a puzzled look on her face, but she didn't struggle. Soon her mother's gentle voice soothed her ears.

"Don't be afraid, Beryl. Mommy just wants to have a word with you. Don't shout or make any loud noises, okay?"

Emily's voice was soft and fragile, but in Beryl's ears, it was like the sound of nature.

She turned to face Emily and nodded slowly.

Emily looked exhausted, but she forced herself to stay awake and speak in a low voice. "Beryl, go find Anna who works in the kitchen. She'll get you out of here. You should listen to her…"

Baffled, Beryl's eyes widened. "Mommy... Why? I don't want to leave you!"

"You need to go and find your daddy. Your uncle is just not feeling himself right now. Do you understand?"

"But Mommy, I want you to come with me..."

"No, not right now, or we both won't be able to leave here. Listen to me, sweetheart. Go to Z country and find your Daddy. He will know what to do. He can come and save me, okay?"

Beryl's tears burst forth like clockwork. She heaved silently and said, "But uncle said that daddy had given up on us. Why should I go and see him..."

Emily gently wiped from Beryl's tears and said, "My silly girl, how could you believe what your uncle had said? There's no way your father would abandon us. Trust me. Go and bring your Daddy back for me, will you?"

Beryl felt the muscles of her chin tremble, with an almost unbearable sorrow. "Okay."

"Be strong." Emily kissed her gently on the forehead and said, "I believe in you, my darling. I will wait for you here."

"I promise I'll be back with Daddy as soon as I can!" Beryl clenched her little fist, and a determined look came over her face.


A few days later, Beryl tossed and turned in her bed at night, thinking about what her mother had said when she drifted off to sleep without a conscious thought.

After a while, a soft tap on her shoulder brought her back to consciousness. Dazed, Beryl opened her eyes to a figure standing over her bed in the dark. When she tried to get up, the person covered her mouth and stopped her from screaming.


Miss Beryl, I am Anna! I have come here on your mother's orders. Please don't make any noises, okay?"

When Beryl realized who it was, she calmed down and stopped moving. Anna slowly took her hand off her mouth and lowered her voice. "Miss Beryl, your mother must have told you about me."

Beryl crawled over to turn on the light so that she could see Anna clearly and asked, "My Mommy told me go to find you. Why did you come to me?"

"Because it is urgent, Miss Beryl. You must go to Z country as soon as possible to find your father, or your mother will be in danger."

Beryl's eyes widened with shock. "But why should I believe you?"

Anna took out a note that had been folded many times and gave it to her. "Please read this note."

Beryl unfolded the scruffy looking paper and recognized Emily's handwriting. The message made it clear that she was to leave with Anna as soon as possible. "Then what should we do now?"

"Miss Beryl, just follow me."


That night, Anna and Beryl left the Lu family residence and got on a plane to Z country.

It wasn't until the next day that Sean found out Beryl had disappeared. His first thought was that she might have been kidnapped. After all, the Lu family had made many enemies over the years. It was possible that someone was trying to threaten him with Beryl.

Sean didn't even dare to tell Emily. He secretly sent his people to look for Beryl, but in the end he discovered that the person behind Beryl's disappearance was in fact, Emily.

In the room, Emily sat in front of the window, looking out as if it was her only connection to the outside world. Her face looked strangely pale, like a fragile porcelain doll.

The sound of footsteps approaching came from behind, but she seemed to not hear them. Or perhaps, she didn't care.

Sean hugged her from behind, his delicate chin resting on the top of her head, brushing against her soft, fragrant hair and said, "You sent Beryl away, didn't you?"

Emily just looked outside, and did not give him a response.

Sean tightened his grip on her waist. "I know why, even if you don't want to tell me. Why you do it? You want Beryl to go to Jacob. I'm sorry but you're going to be disappointed."

Emily tried to break away from him, but she had no strength to overcome his strong arms. "I would like some time alone. I don't want to listen to you. Your words bore me."

"Oh," Sean chuckled. "So you've been faking it all these days, haven't you? Just to confuse me so that you could arrange Beryl's escape. I have long wondered how someone as determined as you could be so easily swayed by me."

Emily looked at him with scornful eyes and snickered, "But I managed to fool you, didn't I?"

"Indeed." Sean nodded, and with a resigned tone he said, "Because I love you so much."

As if she had heard a funny joke, Emily suddenly burst out laughing. "You love Cloris, not me. I am Emily."

Sean's eyes narrowed. "I really hate to hear you say that. Please don't do that again. Rest assured. I will turn you into the real Cloris, sooner than later."

"Yes, I was wrong." Emily sighed and shook her head with disappointment. "You don't know what is love, because you don't love anyone. You only love yourself."

Sean scoffed, "Is that so? Then I'll wait for you to teach me what is love."

Emily shut her eyes and remained silent, refusing to entertain his words.


Before long, Beryl and Anna arrived at Z country. Meanwhile, Sean's men followed them there, looking for traces of them everywhere.

The next day, when Beryl and Anna set off together, they accidentally walked apart on the streets where people came and went.

Beryl was so worried that she went back the way they came from and kept looking for her. "Anna! Where are you? Anna!"

Finally, Beryl saw a familiar figure in the distance. When she ran closer, she found that a few men, dressed in black suits, had grabbed Anna and started to question her.

"Where is Beryl now? Tell us!"

Beryl's heart jumped to her throat, and she hid herself behind a white statue immediately. She peeked from the corner and secretly watched them from a distance.

Those men didn't look like the type to go easy on Anna. When they couldn't get the information they wanted, they didn't hesitate to rough her up!


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