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(A nightmare)

Emily couldn't understand why Sean had kissed her, but she was not strong enough to push him aside. Finding no other means, she bit him hard on the lips.

The next moment both of them tasted the blood.

However, much to her surprise, Sean didn't loosen his grip on her, instead, he put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to his chest. The next thing she knew, he slammed his lips to hers, in a deep, violent kiss. Almost like a wild animal eager to swallow her whole. Emily had never seen him as crazy as he was now.

Were his animalistic tendencies stimulated by Jacob?

But he was just fine before he suddenly kissed her...

A strong sense of regret appeared over Emily's heart. She shouldn't have come to the amusement park with Sean. She raised her hands and put them on Sean's chest, once again trying to push him away.

Beryl had already finished making her wish and was just about to open her eyes.

Emily's heart pounded in her chest desperately fretting over what was going to happen.

Fortunately, Sean let go of her in time. "Mommy! I've made my wish!" Beryl looked at her with a smile, luckily she didn't see what happened. "Err...mommy, your lips are bleeding. What happened?"
Suddenly, a curious expression came over Beryl face which made Emily feel guilty. She took a deep breath and explained, "It's nothing. I bit my lips by accident, sweetie.."

Emily subconsciously reached out to wipe the blood from her lips, when Sean quickly stretched out his slender fingers and rubbed her bloody lips. It was his masterpiece and it needed his last finishing touch.

"You should be more careful." Sean looked at her arrogantly, as if nothing had happened between them just now. Emily's anger climbed to the top in an instant. She slapped his hand off with force and yelled at him, "It's none of your business."

Beryl looked up at her in surprise as she could not understand why her mother went off like that without warning.

"Mommy..." she muttered.

The girl's soft voice brought Emily back to her senses. She forced a smile and said, "Don't be afraid, Beryl. I was just joking with your uncle."

Beryl was still confused, however, she nodded, pretending to be convinced and said, "Oh... Uncle, your lips are bleeding too."

"Oh?" Sean rubbed his lips strenuously and said, "You are right, Beryl. Thank you for reminding me."

Sean wasn't angered by Emily's actions. He still had a tender smile on his face successfully keeping up with the facade of good brother and a good uncle. His mask of solemnity would be perfect if he didn't show the vulgar satisfaction in his eyes.

"You're welcome," Beryl said.

"Beryl, let's go home after we get off the Ferris Wheel. I'm not feeling well," Emily said. She took out some facial tissues from her handbag and rubbed her lips clean, as if to wipe away the trauma Sean had left on her.

Beryl opened her mouth to speak, but Sean took the lead. "What's wrong?


He leaned closer towards her and lowered his voice. "Do you hate me so much that you can't stand the sight of me?"

Emily clenched her fists and answered, "I don't hate you, but I find your erratic behavior highly unbecoming. You're acting crazy today."

What if Beryl had seen him kissing her just now... She would never forgive him.
Sean nodded curtly in response and said, "Yes, I'm crazy. I'm crazy for you."

Emily ignored what he had said and turned towards Beryl. "Beryl, is that okay?" she asked again.

Although Beryl wanted to stay a bit longer, her mother's health was far important to her. "Okay, mommy," she said.

"Thank you, Beryl." Emily picked Beryl up and sat the girl down in between her and Sean.

The glow that inhabited Sean's eyes had dimmed and he said nothing more.

Although Sean didn't try anything unusual for the rest of the time, Emily stayed alert unable to rest easy until she returned home.

This was the first time Emily felt so vulnerable in Sean's presence. Now that his parents weren't there, Sean was free to do whatever he wanted as no one had any authority over him.

Emily finally understood why Sean's parents had sent her to Z country and kept her away from Sean. They showed great foresight.

For Emily, being kissed by Sean was a betrayal to Jacob and a mistake she could not allow it to happen again.

She made a vow in her heart to return to Z country with Jacob and Beryl as soon as Jacob's treatment was over. Then Sean would have no chance to commit such absurd actions.

At night, Emily tossed and turned in bed unable to fall asleep. She lay there, worrying about Sean and his obsessive problem. She struggled to keep a clear head until dawn.

Then she drifted into sleep and had a bad dream.

In her dream, Jacob lay naked on the table in Sean's lab, his arms and legs restrained, while numerous colorful tubes went in and out of his body.

His face was as pale as a ghost and his eyes were shut tight. He jerked violently from time to time, screaming from the top of his lungs as if he was in excruciating pain.

Emily tried to walk up to him and untie him, but her legs were so heavy that she could not move at all, as if someone had cemented her feet to the ground.

Suddenly, the door pushed open and Sean walked in dressed in a white lab coat. The cold look he gave Jacob gave Emily shudders.

The light from the incandescent light bulb reflected off the metallic grey scalpel his hands were tightly closed around. Emily would never forget the evil glint in his beady eyes, bereft of humanity.

He slowly lifted the scalpel and pointed it at Jacob.

"No, get away from him..." Emily cried out. Her big brown eyes opened wide with fear. She struggled violently to get out of her restraints and stop him, but her screams were muted. She tried desperately to rush to Sean, but she couldn't move at all as if her whole body was being held down with liquid steel, weighing her feet down to the ground.

"No, no! Don't do this, Sean!"

Emily's eyes were filled with terror. She helplessly watched as Sean drove the scalpel into Jacob's heart.

"Ah!" Emily screamed and finally woke up from her abysmal nightmare. Her face was wet and her body was bathed in a cold sweat. She trembled. The sheets were twisted around her limbs, most likely because she was thrashing in her sleep.

The scenes of the dream were very clear. Emily couldn't stop her mind from replaying the scenes over and over again. Her heart pounded against her chest. It seemed as though the scalpel not only pierced Jacob's heart but hers as well.

Emily let out a frightened cry and buried her face into her pillow. Her breathing increased rapidly and became gasps of breath.

Every fibre of her body ached for the torture to end, but despair choked her throat like a big invisible big hand.

'It's just a dream!' she said to herself.

Emily slowly came back to her senses and a harrowing thought surged up from the bottom of her heart.

She hadn't seen Jacob for half a month. She knew nothing about his condition. She even didn't know what Sean had done to him.

Did she put too much faith in Sean? Why would he keep her from seeing Jacob? But his excuses were reasonable...

But what if.. what if her dream was real?
Emily dared not to think any more.

Emily knew that Sean could do anything and everything to achieve his goal. How could she be so confident that Sean would treat Jacob well for her sake? Perhaps this was all a mistake!

Emily couldn't keep herself in bed anymore. She lifted the quilt and walked out of her bedroom.

She had to see jacob at this time by hook or crook.


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