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(This is crazy)

Sean accompanied Emily and Beryl to the restaurant, and the atmosphere between them was harmonious.

The waiter went to them and said, "Sir, madam, and lovely little lady, may I take your order?"

Obviously he considered them as a family of three. Sean's mood brightened considerably upon hearing that, but Emily immediately denied it.

"Sorry, we're not a couple," she told the waiter.

Sean's face fell and his eyes turned gloomy in an instant.

The waiter was puzzled about their relationship, but he knew he shouldn't ask more questions.

Emily ordered several dishes, pretending that she hadn't seen her brother's unhappy face. She had deliberately explained to the waiter that they were not a couple.

Though she could not always tell what attitude Sean held towards her, she had hoped that he would give up on pursuing her. He said he would, but the ambiguity he showed from time to time made her doubtful.

If he still craved taking her as lover, then she couldn't figure out why at other times he treated her as his sister.

Instinctively she knew that she had to demarcate their relationship as that of siblings, so that he could clearly understand her position on it, and that he could believe her standpoint to be set.

Although the two adults were wrapped up in their own pensive moods, they were careful not to show any signs which might confuse Beryl. The child innocently continued enjoying her meal.

After the meal, Sean treated them with a visit to the amusement park. To the undiscerning viewers they were a happy family of three enjoying the attractions.

He even insisted on buying a family package to enter the amusement park. Emily watched him having a good time with Beryl, and though she took pictures of them, she was concerned as he was acting out of character today. Confused by her emotions and the awkward situation, she was somewhat distracted.
But she could not determine what was different about Sean and his unusual behavior.

Feeling uneasy, she thought of Jacob, who was still in the laboratory.

'Is it possible for Sean to lie to me?

No, it isn't. I told him that I would not live if Jacob died. He would not risk my life to hurt Jacob, simply because he still thinks of me as Cloris, ' she thought bleakly.

This line of thoughts calmed her fears a little, but she could not completely shake her worries.

"Mommy, mommy!" Beryl ran to her side and grabbed her hand excitedly, "Let's go and ride on the Ferris Wheel together. Pretty please!" Her little face shone with joy.

Pulled from her reverie Emily was about to answer, when suddenly Sean slipped his arm tightly around her waist. Before she could protest, she was lifted high in the air, "Oh, my god!"

She screamed out in surprise and, fearing the sudden loss of contact with terra firma, she clung to Sean's neck. "Put me down!" Emily demanded.

He chuckled softly and said, "You grabbed me so tightly. Are you sure that you want me to put you down?"

She instantly released her hand and struggled in his arms disconcerted, "Sean, what are you... Please put me down, I can walk myself! " She pleaded.

He seemed not to listen to her and instead hugged her even tighter, "If I release you, you will run away."

He considered that a similar thing happened a year ago. If he hadn't let her go to Z country, then she would never have been reunited with Jacob.

"I'm not going to run away. Put me down. We can't be seen like this!" Embarrassed she struggled in his arms.

"Don't try to blow off me, or I'll do something even more outrageous later!" He threatened with a smile.

"Sean!" she shouted.

"If you keep struggling, I'll kiss you," he cautioned.

She ceased struggling then and stared at him angrily, "Sean!" Her voice grew high pitched with panic.

"I'm here," he answered simply, ignoring her anger. Feeling her resistance fade, he embraced her delicate body almost greedily. Suddenly he noticed that Beryl was looking at them with large, puzzled eyes. He quickly explained, "Mommy is not listening to me, and doesn't want to get on the wheel. Shall I take her up in it?"

Despite her uncle acting a little strange, Beryl still answered obediently, "Okay..."

Not knowing how to explain what was happening to Beryl, and not wanting to quarrel with Sean in front of her, Emily chose to remain mum.

Happy to have won this round, Sean took Beryl's hand and carried Emily into the bucket seat of the dreamlike Ferris wheel.

"Please, can you let me go now?" She asked demurely, gritting her teeth in frustration at having had to put up with his violation of trust for such a long time now.

Realizing that he might have gone to far, he let her out of his arms, and pointed out the scenery below the Ferris wheel. "Look, that's the city of D country," he explained to Beryl.

Beryl looked out over the vista with earnest excitement. "Wow, it looks amazing!" she cheered. Emily was however not interested, and stared off into space, her cheeks flaming.

In contrast, Sean continued chatting, oblivious to her distress and gently caressed Beryl's head while lovingly telling her, "In fact, the view at night is even more breathtaking. Then you have the twinkling stars above and the rainbow colored neon lights below. It is fantastic. It's a pity that it's daytime now. But I can bring you here at night next time."

"That would be wonderful, thank you, uncle." Beryl answered sweetly, "Can we bring Daddy here with us, next time? I want him to see this beautiful scene."

"Yes, if you like," he agreed calmly. Then he shifted the topic cleverly, "Beryl, do you know that there's a legend about the Ferris Wheel?"

Her beautiful eyes were bright with curiosity, "What legend? Tell me! Tell me please!" she pleaded.

He smiled gently and began to tell her the story, "It is said that when this Ferris Wheel rises to its highest point, the people sitting in it will be blessed by God. If a couple in love, kiss at that moment, they will always be together and never be separated."

"Uncle, are you not ashamed?!" she exclaimed giggling. "I'm still a child. Why do you tell me such things?" She covered her face coyly, "What if I'm led astray by you? You're not supposed to put such ideas in my young head."

He reached over and gently pinched her nose, "What are you thinking about? The story is about people getting God's Blessing, only. Why did you misunderstand, unless you have a little boyfriend back in Z country?" Sean teased her.

"How could I possibly have a boyfriend? I'm just a little girl! Uncle, you're bad!" Her little face blushed bright red, and she looked away guiltily. "God's Blessing? Then can I make a wish?" she asked. "Certainly," he replied.

The Ferris Wheel continued to rise, slowly reaching the apex.

Facing the beautiful scenery below, Beryl closed her eyes, and folded her arms on the bucket rail. Murmuring, she began to made a pious wish.

Struck by her child-like innocence Emily laugh out loud. Turning away from Beryl, she found Sean staring at her with a sidelong gaze. His eyes were torrential depths, which threatened to suck her in.

"Don't you want to make a wish, Emily?" he asked mildly.

This was the first time that Sean used her real name. He had been calling her "Cloris" ever since he brought her back to D country for the first time.

Hearing her name from his lips stunned her and she felt dazed.

Lost in confusion, she felt powerless as he drew ever closer to her in the small bucket seats.

In the narrow space, she could not avoid his approach, "What are you going...Uhmm..."

Before she could protest, he moved against her and kissed her full on the mouth.

Eyes wide open in surprise she was struck numb. Of all the things that he had might have done to her, she never considered that Sean would kiss her, at this of all times.

Heart fluttering she thought, 'This is crazy!

Beryl is standing right here. How can he do this to me, in front of her?'

Shoving her hand against his chest, she tried to push him away. Fearing that she might draw Beryl's attention she didn't dare make too much of a fuss.

If her daughter witnessed her uncle kissing her mother, how would Emily explain it to her then?


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