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(Sore point)

Nobody noticed the unusual look on Sean's face, however, neither did anybody understand the kind of violent mood swings he was suffering from.

Luckily, their time together at the table passed without any further incidents. In the following days, Sean became more busy since he had to help Jacob regain his memories.

During that period, Emily didn't meet Jacob even once, as Sean said it would have an adverse effect on the treatment.

Time passed slowly and dreadfully for Beryl and Emily. It had been almost half a month since Jacob's treatment began. Soon, the treatment reached its final stages, and Sean's workload seemed to have reduced in time. But even so, neither Emily nor Beryl were allowed to see Jacob.

"You have been waiting for half a month. Can't you wait for a few more days? Take it easy. This is the last stage. He will regain his memories of the past soon. The best thing you can do for him now is to wait patiently and let him complete the treatment."

Sean urged them to hold on for just a few more days.

As intolerable as it was for Emily and Beryl, they both kept faith with Sean. Why wouldn't they believe the man standing in front of them? After all, he was closer to them than their own families ever were. As far as they knew, they had every reason to believe what he was saying.

Having swayed both Emily and Beryl, Sean's lips stretched into a smile, almost reaching his dark eyes. "Sorry to keep you waiting for such a long time. You must be exhausted. Let me take you out to get some fresh air. A change of scenery would do us all some good."

Emily would have refused Sean, but she felt bad about the fact that lately he hadn't been able to do anything else because of Jacob's treatment. She felt like she owed him so she gave him a nod in response.

Since there wasn't much she could do to help, to show her gratitude, she compensated him by agreeing to go out with him.

Needless to say, Beryl was the happiest to hear his proposition. However, the thought of her father not being there with her to have a good time left a huge hole in her heart.

Beryl was still too young to hide her emotions, which was clearly visible on her face. When Sean noticed her disappointment, his eyes twitched involuntarily.

"Beryl, aren't you happy that I will be going with you?" asked Sean, seemingly disappointed.

"Yeah, I am happy!" She nodded seriously. "If only daddy could come with us!"

Sean gazed mildly at her small face and said, "Then you can consider me to be your daddy."

Emily thought that it was highly inappropriate of Sean to say that. But just as she was about to say something, Beryl shook her head firmly and said, "Daddy is daddy, while uncle is uncle. Neither of you can replace the other in my heart."

"I was just kidding. You are right, Beryl." Sean's smile died faster than wisps of smoke dissipating after a candle flame had been snuffed out.

He was the man who treated her and looked after her since she was still in her mother's womb. He was there to witness the very moment she came into his world.

He had watched her grow from a tiny little infant to the lovable, vibrant girl she was now. He may not have been her real father, but he was the closest thing she had to a father figure before she met Jacob.

Sean was a father to her when she needed him. There had been multiple times in the past when she even mistakenly called him "Daddy".

In the end, even though he had been there for her for more than four years, he still couldn't hold a candle to Jacob, whom she had known for only one year.
Perhaps, this was the extraordinary bond between a father and his daughter. Ridiculous!

Emily, however, looking at him from the side, couldn't figure out what he had meant and said, "Are we going out now, Sean?"

"Yes." Sean turned to look at her and said, "If you need to prepare something, just go ahead. I will wait for you."

"All right." Emily had given him her word, and she intended to keep it.


As it happened, Sean took them to the place where he and Emily used to go for walks when she was living in D Country. It may not have been what they had expected, but the place was special to him.

It may not have been what they had expected, but the place was special to him.

Revisiting the old place seemed to remind Sean of the past. Long forgotten memories awakened, echoed through his mind anew. "Years ago, when you were pregnant with Beryl, you often enjoyed coming here to see these statues. At that time, it was I who accompanied you here. It seems as though nothing here has changed, and yet our lives have changed so much."

"Is it so? I don't think so." Emily also thought back to that period of time years ago, reliving the suffering...

Although, she loved Jacob very much she still had to separate from him. Not a single day passed, that she didn't agonize over her decision, constantly wondering whether she was right or wrong.

However, after she went through the despair of Jacob's death, all the pain she had been through became nothing to her.

She even wondered if Jacob was as anguished and desperate as her when she left him on the pretext of death.

"Do you regret leaving him back then?" Sean slightly lowered his head so that no one could see his eyes.

"Yes," Emily nodded.

"Really?" Sean pupils contracted painfully.

Emily stood there in silence for a while, as if carefully recalling what had happened in those days. "I didn't know you would take me away like that, or I wouldn't have agreed."

"It was the only way to convince Jacob to stop looking for you," Sean said.

"But all those people in the aeroplane lost their lives because of me. That's not what I wanted," Emily howled at him.

"It was just an accident," Sean tried to explain.

Emily raised her head and looked directly into his eyes. "No, it wasn't an accident. You had everything planned. Even the plane crash. Are you surprised? Do you know that even after so many years I still haven't forgotten about it. It has been preying on my conscience the whole time." The anguish surged up and down in Emily's eyes.

How could she forget that the plane crashed because it was deliberately manipulated for her?

"There's no need to upset yourself. As I was the mastermind behind it, the responsibility falls to me only." Sean never thought of himself as a kind-hearted man. If anything, his unwavering pragmatism drove him to do achieve his goals by any means necessary, even if his actions were unethical and immoral.

And yet now, standing in front of Emily, for reasons unknown to him, he struggled to look her in the eyes. "Since you knew nothing about it, allow me undertake all the sins. I have done so many bad things in life, adding one to the list wouldn't make any difference." Sean tried to cover up his unease.

Sean rationalized his actions on the basis that the ends justified the means. No matter what the cost, he would do whatever it took to get what he wanted.

He preferred doing injustice to others to them doing injustice to him.

"You'd better repent, Sean," Emily said as she bit her lips tightly and her eyelashes quivered. Even after all those years, she never really knew who he was deep inside.

As soon as she started to live in the Lu family residence, she figured out that Sean was doing something wrong. She tried to stop him, but unfortunately, she didn't know how.

"Forget about it! There's no need to ruin the mood," said Sean. It seemed as though he didn't hear a single thing Emily had said. He wore what he clearly thought was a winning smile and said, "Let's go. I'll take you two to that nice restaurant Beryl likes so much."

Sean stooped down to pick up Beryl and kissed her tender face. "I have checked Beryl over. She is doing much better now. There's hardly any difference between her and other children. That's great!"

There's hardly any difference between her and other children. That's great!" Emily clamped her lips as if she wanted to say something, but gave up. Instead she simply replied, "Yeah."

"Beryl's health has always been your sore point. Now it is slowly healing."

"Yeah, my sore point is healing, and yours?" asked Emily.

The smile on Sean's face froze up for a moment. "Maybe it will never be healed," he said, helplessly but firmly.

Cloris was the one obsession in his life he could never let go of.

She deserved all his love and his madness.

Somehow he firmly believed that she would come back to him again. As Sean gazed into the face of Emily, which bore a striking resemblance to Cloris, a blot of darkness glimmered in his eyes but was then suppressed by him in no time.

It seems that the plan will soon be carried out.

And this time, no one could stop him.


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