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(It's just a drop in the bucket)

"Sean, please calm down..." Emily soothed Sean for some time and then moved to another topic. "Sean, your medical skills are remarkable, and I was wondering whether you had any methods to help someone regain their memories?" she asked tentatively.

"Regain memories? What do you mean? Who are you talking about?" Sean's curiosity was piqued.

Emily hesitated for some time trying to figure out whether she should tell him everything or not. "Just a friend. He's suffering from retrograde amnesia and we've tried various methods but none of them bore positive results..."

"You mean your friend Jacob, right?" Sean stopped short.

Emily stuttered and did not utter any words for some moments.

"You are still with him, right?" Sean, however, didn't seem surprised, instead he took a deep breath before he continued, "So you have made your choice, haven't you?"

Emily's grip on the phone tightened and she firmly said, "Yes, I have made up my mind. I've decide to stay with him, forever."

Sean clamped his mouth shut in silence for some time. Judging by his silence, Emily thought he wasn't going to help her so she decided to hang up when he said, "Bring him to me. I can help you."

Startled, a smile appeared on Emily's face as she said, "What did you say?" Sean patiently repeated his words again just so Emily would believe him. "Really? Thank you so much, brother!"

Sean smiled wryly and said, "As long as it makes you happy..."

Emily felt relieved thinking that Sean finally let go of his feelings for her. After all, why else would he agree to help Jacob recover his memories if he still couldn't let go? "Dear brother, let bygones be bygones. I hope that someday you will find the right person for you in the future."

"If only it were that simple," Sean said under his breath before hanging up the phone.

Emily took a long pause, while staring at the phone in her hand lost in thought. Emily knew that Sean had feelings for Cloris, but it was time to let go of that part of her life because at the end of the day, she wasn't Cloris.

'I hope that someday Sean will be able to let go of the past and leave it all behind, ' Emily prayed in her mind.

Before long, Emily excitedly told Jacob about bringing him to D country so Sean could help recover his memory. Jacob thought about it for a while, since he wasn't sure how he felt about Emily's so-called brother. However, Jacob finally agreed as he did not want to disappoint Emily.

The next day, all three of them flew to D Country together.

They were greeted at the airport by none other than Sean himself. Beryl was ecstatic to see him as she rushed into his arms and yelled, "Uncle Sean!"

Sean picked her up in his arms and weighed her. "Good girl. You grown so much taller and you've have gained some weight now."

"I did not gain weight!" Beryl denied, pouting her lips at him. She hung from Sean's neck acting like a spoiled girl. Time and distance did not estrange them. If anything, absence made their hearts grow fonder.

Jacob watched them from a distance and felt a little envious and perhaps a little insecure.

When Sean walked over to give Emily a hug, Jacob's face darkened, as his instincts were telling him that Sean wasn't as simple or nice as he appeared on the outside.

"Jacob, I heard that you lost your memory. Is that true? I feel so sorry for you," said Sean. He treated Jacob with respect, even though he was carefully observing him at the same time.

Be that as it may, Jacob nodded and answered, "Yes, I've lost my memories of the past. But I remember being Emily's husband and Beryl's father."

Sean's face turned gloomy as Jacob's words filled him with an almost unbearable sorrow. "You know she is my sister Cloris now. She is not the Emily you've hurt before," Sean warned.

Jacob couldn't believe what Sean had said. He could never imagine hurting the most precious person in his life. "I hurt her?"

"If you insist on regaining your memory, you will have to accept everything. The good and the bad; the sweet and the painful. And of course, you will remember how you've hurt her before as well..."

"Sean!" Emily interrupted, gesturing him to stop talking with her eyes. "Let's go back home first, okay? This isn't the time nor the place to be having this discussion," she insisted.

Both Jacob and Sean agreed it would be better to flesh out the details at home. When they arrived at Lu family residence, Emily found it strange that Sean hadn't mentioned anything about their parents. "Where is father and mother? Why they are not home?" asked Emily.

An odd expression flooded Sean's face as he said, "Father and mother have gone travelling abroad for a few days. After all, they're not getting any younger and it's time they took some time to see the world."

"Oh, I will call them later," she said.


In fact, Sean wasn't lying about the part where their parents had gone abroad to travel, but he did fail to mention that they had no choice in the matter. Sean usurped the power of the Lu family within a short period of time and he forced their parents to retire so that they would not stand in his way anymore.

At long last, Sean had stopped living under the shadow of his parents. His longing for the freedom to do as he wished was finally granted.

The mere thought of having no one to answer to but himself, filled his heart with excitement, as if all his plans were finally coming together.

Emily called Mr. and Mrs. Lu's phone but no one answered. She could not help feeling worried about them but Sean assured her that they were safe and perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Lu did not want to be disturbed.

Although Emily felt a little disappointed over the fact that she couldn't see Mr. and Mrs. Lu, she had no reason to disbelieve Sean. 'We can always see each other next time.' Emily put her phone away.

What Emily did not know was that Sean had told his subordinate to disconnect their parent's phone line as he was afraid that Mr. and Mrs. Lu would tell Emily about what he had done to them.

Having lived there for four years, everything felt familiar to Emily and Beryl even though they hadn't been back in a very long time.

Emily was just worried that Jacob would have difficulty adjusting but luckily Jacob did not show any signs of displeasure. Sean served tea to Emily and Jacob before getting into the details about recovering Jacob's memory. "It seems like you've really forgotten me.

Otherwise, you would have punched me on the face for what I did."

Sean eased the tension between them by offering a little light-hearted banter. This made Emily feel a lot more relieved as she really did not want to see them at each other's throats like rabid pit bulls.

"Jacob wouldn't do that," she replied in a low voice.

Jacob cast a glance at Sean and said, "Maybe or maybe not. It depends on what you have done."

Sean chuckled and replied, "Of course, what I did was just a drop of ink in an ocean compared to what you had done."

Emily frowned, as she could feel the hidden resentment the two men had for each other. She began to worry whether the treatment would go smoothly at all.

Fortunately, Sean was a professional who treated all his patients equally.

When he began to treat Jacob, he focused all his attention to help him recover his memories.

"Jacob's situation is not a rare case but a complicated one..." Sean said seriously. Emily wasn't well versed in medical jargon, so she asked him to speak simply. "So do you think there's any hope for him to get back the memories he's lost?"

"No," Sean shook his head, disappointed.

Jacob squinted his eyes at Sean, but he did not give away too much with his blank facial expression.

Emily felt as if the last hope of helping Jacob was gone. She couldn't hide the disappointment on her face. 'Jacob must be very disappointed. Only God knows how badly he wants to regain his memories, ' Emily thought in her mind.



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