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Jacob took Beryl back to her room after he helped her wash up. Just as he was about to open the door, they heard loud noises coming from the other bedroom.

"Bang!" It sounded like a cup, or at least something similarly breakable.

Jacob's eyes widened and he rushed into the room with Beryl in his arms. When he stepped in, he found Emily sitting on the floor without any shoes, trembling with fear.

"What's wrong, Emily?" After he carefully put Beryl to bed, Jacob strode towards Emily immediately. He carefully helped Emily up and guided her away so that she wouldn't step on the broken shards of glass on the floor.

"I, I thought you were gone again..."

Emily stammered. When she saw Jacob, her world became whole again. She clutched onto his shirt as if he was the only person left in her world to hold on to. "I thought all of this was just a part of my dream. I was so afraid that everything would disappear if I woke up from sleep."

Anxiety and disquiet filled her eyes as she stammered to explained herself.

"No, honey. I'm here. This is not a dream. I'm going to be here with you forever," Jacob comforted. He pulled her in his arms and patted her on the back. "You've had a lot drinks. You need to get some sleep. I will get into bed with you, okay?"

Jacob's words put her mind at ease. After Jacob laid her down next to Beryl, he laid down on the other side. With Beryl lying in the middle, the three of them fell asleep peacefully.

The next morning when Emily woke up, she fluttered her eyes open to Jacob's handsome face and their daughter's lovely face.

Happiness and warmth filled her heart when she looked at their sleeping faces. If this fancy picture was a part of her dream, she wouldn't mind falling asleep forever.

When Emily moved to get up, she accidentally woke Jacob up from sleep.

Without a word, he smiled at her and kissed her good morning. What was so attractive about their romance was that so much of it was unspoken and silent.

After they had breakfast, Emily took Beryl to David and Rita's house, before she and Jacob went to the hospital to see their unborn child.

When Jacob saw the baby in a test tube filled with fluid mediums, the pain shot through his heart like a thousand knives, rendering him speechless.

For a while, Jacob struggled but he couldn't utter any words. Finally, he stammered, "This is... our second baby?"

Suffice it to say, this baby's untimely death was the biggest regret and sorrow of Emily's life. One look at him reminded her of the pain she felt when she lost him. It took a lot out of her before she managed to fight away the tears.

"Yes. He's our second child, but we won't have the chance to see him grow up. Perhaps it was because of his blessings that I was able to find you. I'm sure he's happy with the other angels in heaven now."

Emily wanted to move on with hope and not look back in regret. Over time, she came to realize that there were some things in life that was beyond her control and all she could do now was to cherish what she had in the present. With that in mind, she brought Jacob here to say goodbye to the past.

"It's all my fault. I wasn't there with you when you needed me the most..." Jacob said, as he reached out his hand to slowly touch the test tube. Tears appeared in his eyes and his voice trembled with guilt.

"It's not your fault. It's no one's fault." Emily continued, "We just weren't lucky enough to have him. I brought you here not to make you feel guilty but to meet your son."

This crucial moment in his life gave him purpose to try and regain his past memories. He didn't want to lose the memories of Emily and his children from the past.


In the following days, Emily took Jacob to many hospitals and specialists to have an examination, but the answers they got from most experts were the same.

The key to opening the lock of his memory was Jacob and time. Medicine could only act as a support in the process.

Hoping to trigger his memory, Emily took Jacob to the places they had been before. She repeated the things they did together and showed him the things he had given to her as gifts.

Beryl made efforts to help Jacob remember as well.

Jacob, however, only felt familiar with the things they did together, but he still couldn't bring back every detail from his past.

His inability to develop fruitful results after all the hard work weakened his resolve and disheartened him.

Emily couldn't bear to see Jacob wither away in despair, neither could she do anything to ease his frustrations. The only thing she could do was to give him comfort and a bit of hope. "It's going to be all right. It's not a big deal. The most important thing is that we are together.

We still have a wonderful future to look forward together with our daughter. We can create great new memories, don't you think so?"

"I will regain my memory," Jacob answered, his resolve unyielding and unbroken.

Strengthened by his determination, Emily could do nothing more but show support. "I believe you can do it."

After Beryl fell asleep that night, Emily secretly brought Jacob to the balcony.

Puzzled, Jacob questioned Emily's purpose, when all of a sudden a sharp percussive explosion lit up the night sky in a colourful phosphorescent glare.

The dazzling fireworks display that blossomed into words left him spellbound.

"Welcome back, Jacob"

"Dear Jacob, I Love You".

Every time the sentence faded another one blossomed, lit up the sky with vibrant colors. Emily used the sky as a canvas to paint her confession of love for Jacob, showing everyone in Jingshi City.

"Do you remember what you did on the first year we met? You confessed your feelings for me in the same way. That was very romantic of you. I was truly touched by it."

The sadness accumulating in his heart for days disappeared with the snap of a finger. Jacob gazed deep into her eyes, compelled by its sweetness, and he couldn't stop himself from pulling her into his loving arms and giving her a kiss.

"I'm so touched. My heart is melting. Emily, why are you so sweet?

How can I live without you? I just cannot imagine spending a single moment without you in my life."

No matter which Jacob she liked, the one in the past or the one standing here now, he would never let her leave.

Emily kissed him back, her eyes glowing with affection, and answered, "No, you can't."

'I want to be with you for the rest of my life, ' Emily thought.

Forever and ever.

The fireworks that were as splendid as the one Jacob had arranged for Emily.

Once again, the people of Jingshi City bore witness to their love for each other. When they saw the name, however, most of them sighed with amazement.

"Is Jacob dead? I wonder who did this! The person who did this for him must love Jacob so much."

"It might be Cloris Lu. She almost killed herself at Jacob's funeral."

"Really? I thought she was with Mr. Jack. I saw their pictures on the newspapers."

"Who knows? Alas! Mr. Gu is such a great guy, but..."

Emily and David blocked the news of Jacob's return from spreading to the public to protect him. Nonetheless, Jack knew that Jacob was back.

At first Jack was shocked and unbelievable, but felt the fact acceptable somehow as if it was not out of his expectation.

It felt as though his biggest fears had finally died down.

He walked to the French window in his office and looked at the amazing fireworks, lost in a trance.

On an ironic note, Emily probably didn't remember that Jack also once prepared beautiful fireworks for her, much like the one she had prepared for Jacob.



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