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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞

      EPISODE        Three 

How come Max is her boyfriend's boss when he once told her that he's not interested in working at all and stressing himself and to cap it all, she met him hours ago 

    So how did... Never mind.. She need not ask, its only a surprise just other ones he had been giving her since she knew him
   "Hey babe "he cooed getting her back to her senses as it seemed to be in a trance 

     "Yeah, I need to go home now "she requested getting up from her chair 
  He nodded his head smirking before :
    "I will give you a ride "he said and she gave him a warm assuring smile 

    "Thanks "
And with that, the both of them left for Isabel's house 
When he took her home, he made a u-turn and left for his own house 
  He had an appointment to keep with his friend Joan... 

  She sighed walking into her house 
   "Hello"someone said from behind her, she jerked before turning her front to get the figure who did that 

     She was more surprised to see Max standing with his left leg crossed to the other with a smile dancing on his lips 
    "Max, how did you know my home?! "
   "You're forgetting that we're in computer age where everything is possible "

  She scoffed trying to ignore her going into her apartment and he followed her
    "Where do you think you're going? "She asked pushing him out but he stood firmly on his ground not even bulging at all from where he stood 

  She pushed him harder but he still couldn't move
  Instead, he kissed her which made her to back away from her ex
   What's he upto now that he's in her house? 

  Probably to torment her
  "My boyfriend is a jealous type Max, he won't spare you if he gets you here "she said in a kinda threatening voice and all he did was to scoff, scoff and scoff

     He rather got riled up by the mention of her boyfriend 
   He grabbed her waist which made her to push forcefully into him.

     She gasped her eyes wide open 

    "Max!! "
"Tell me, does your boyfriend touch you more than I did back then? Does he make you scream so loud that I felt like I've gone beyond the boundary by hurting you... "
   "Max!? "She moaned interrupting him when he felt his ceasing hand which didn't relent in caressing her back 

   "... Tell me, does he make love to you on your period damn the consequences? 
  Does he grab your butts in public and then shout out to the whole world that you're his?? "

  Ofcuz, that's one thing she won't ever stop loving about Max, whenever he sees her anywhere, he comes over from wherever he is grab her and kiss her like hell before squeezing her butts so hard that she'd moan out loudly pleading with him to stop 

  And then, he will shout to everyone to see his girl, the most beautiful girl in the universe 
   But where everything went wrong is what she cannot understand 

     "Max, its over between us two years ago! You dumped me!!! "She pointed out to him but he scoffed
    "You lie when you say you don't love me"
  "I don't"

He smirked again bringing his head closer to her neck and then trailed her neck line with his tongue
    She hummed silently fighting with only herself and her feelings

    "Why are you reacting on my touch towards you"
   "I didn't react "she snapped but he did something worse 
  He pinned her hands with one  of his free hands... 



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