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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞
         EPISODE    Nine

   Max just finished washing up and was in his room dressing up when his alarm door bell rang 
   He didn't rush to the door almost immediately cuz he knows who might be out there looking for him 
  It was no other person than Isabel and he had to look good before he can present his face to her 

    She waited patiently at the door nervously, she almost went back home thinking he wasn't home yet if not that she heard the creaking of the door which opened later afterwards to show the face of Max 

  He dragged her in before greeting her normally 
   She nodded sitting down on the couch, she looked around the whole place and she knew it already that max had actually acquired wealth in his life 

    "Want something "
  "No... Just tell me why you sent me to come to your house cuz I want to go home pretty soon"she went straight to the point 

   "You're still dumb Isabel, what do you think whenever a guy invites you to his home?  
  Do you think its because of business well... Its actually business"he shrugged and winked at the same time.

She didnt understand one single thing which he was talking about 
   She scoffed 
   "Max come to the point "

He smirked sitting down beside her and then rubbing her neck seductively 
    She was visibly shaken, why didn't she think of this stupid behaviour before coming to meet him? 

   "I want you to spend a night with me"he whispered into her ear and with that he carried her to his room

  She couldn't think, act or react, she was too dumbstruck to even bare a word 
  He pulled off his top and then climbing on top of her, he gave her a hot kiss which woke up something again inside her 

   She held his lips into hers not wanting to let go, she closed her eyes wrapping her hands around Max's neck and then her leg around his waist 

    They devoured each other's lips almost eating it up, by the time they broke off from the kiss, their lips were swollen and reddish coz of the rough kiss they gave each other 

     He glared into her eyes, lust, lust and lust with a touch of wants filled her eyes 
  He smirked, he wasn't the only person feeling this way now

   She didn't want to think or care for a moment so she took off her shirt so he can gain much access to her without stress.

He smiled grabbing her up on the bed so that her body was touching his, he kissed her, licked her, sucked her and rubbed her tongue all over body 

   She wasn't thinking anymore by the time she was naked on the bed for him
    He held her two hands together with one of his resuming his process of kissing her body, rubbing and trailing his fingers around her skin

  Why won't he be the best man for her? This is how they've been two years ago if not that he dumped her all of a sudden 

    He smirked as he had successfully riled up her sexual desires and it was time to tame them but first he had to feed his loins the more to make it much stronger 

  He brushed down to her pu$$y area, he touched the shaved pu$$y and then rubbed the cl*t before fixing hus tongue into her 

   She clutched the bed sheets tightly groaning, moaning, closing her eyes and opening them again and looking at Max to know what exactly that he's doing that is getting to her so much and making her want to go mad with pleasure

"Hmph!... "She bit her lower lips to the extent that she didn't know when she wrapped her legs around his neck trying to push and urge him further to do more.

"I'm cumming"she yelled as her body became over sensitive while butterflies began to fly about in her tummy she let out a loud groan... 


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