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  👠MY EX🍷

Can't get over each other 😭💔😡

Strictly rated🔞

   EPISODE   Eight 

"Leave me alone "she struggled feebly but that didn't get to him, he dumped her on her feet when they were inside the restroom 
   "What am I doing in here? "She asked trembling but he didn't give her the chance to play smart with him 
   "You will soon understand why we're here, don't worry "he replied getting closer and closer to her so that the space before them will not be there anymore 

    She breathed heavily eying the door so she could escape anytime soon but he already knew what he's gonna do so he used his leg to close the door smiling at her

  She panicked shifting herself from him until her back hit the sink's slab area and this made him to carry her by her waist sitting her down on top of it

   No words came out of her mouth, she had no words to say, she shivered when Max kissed her neck and then proceeded in taking off his clothes 

He was clearly in a hurry and he wouldn't want to be caught having s3x in a staff's office, that's so uncultured but he can't let her go either 

  This woman has a way of riling him up whenever he's around her and he can't understand how she does that.

She wasn't sure if she was giving in to him or not 
   "Max... Why are you doing this? "
  He smirked 
   "Why won't I do it? Am I forbidden to have a good time with you? "

   "We're not dating Max! You dumped me two years ago"
  "I had a reason to"
  "What stupid reason made you shatter my heart like I was nothing to you all along, like I was the only person loving in the relationship 

  Do you know how I felt? Did you know how I coped? And now you're coming back here to pester me!! That's wickedness!! I have a boyfriend who isn't a jerk like you and I don't want to break his heart cuz heart break is worse than a disease please!!! "She half yelled with tears gathered in her eyes 

  He didn't say a word, he don't know if he should defend himself of his actions he acted towards her back then or just let it be like that 

     "I hate you Max"
 "You don't mean it and I know it"
  "And that's why its paining me so much, cuz there's a little string between love and hate... No little difference between them at all"she batted her eyelids 

   He smirked trying to hold her face but she shifted backward once more
    "See me in my house this evening Isabel... "He threw his complimentary card to her 

  "Don't make me come get you "he said putting on his top which he has already taken off his skin 

   After that, the puzzled Isabel looked on at him
   "I love you"Max kissed her cheeks before he came out of the restroom leaving her.

See him in his house for what! She boiled in anger almost tearing up the complimentary card if not that she won't know the address to his house without it.... 

    "I want you to sleep over at my place Isabel, its been long you slept in my house "Frank said to her and she managed a smile 
  "No today Frank, tomorrow is okay "

  He frowned 
  "What about today? "He pouted holding her hand into his
   "Uhm... "She started cooking up a lie in her head 
   "Uhm... I have some work to sort out today and you know I have deliveries to do... I mean... "

   "I understand, I will wait till tomorrow baby "he pecked her before a hug 
  She opened the car door and then climbed down after that waving a good bye to him with a mixed feeling 

   When he zoomed off, she sighed 
  She's running away from her own boyfriend just to be with her ex
  Such a damn! 



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