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Can't get over each other😭💔😡

Strictly Rated🔞

 EPISODE  Seven 

 "Don't you want to do your job as a delivery officer here Miss? "The boss asked her and she fidgeted before nodding her head 

She had imagined countless of trips which she would make to Max's office for seven whole days!! 
  She will definitely go mad after that cuz that's also where Frank works 

   She tightened her fist forcing out for all the guest in the office but gave a slight grin to Max who didn't care as long as he will pin her down any time soon

   "I will do it boss"she said and he nodded 
  "So, who wants his goods to be delivered first? "
Max didn't raise up his hand, he was clearly the last person to be counted 

He won't hurry Isabel at all, she will have to finish with others before she attends to him and then, she won't have any excuse to give on any of the days which she will deliver for him

   "Okay then, Max's goods will be delivered mostly in the evenings each day for a week"
  Her heart trembled at the word EVENING... What's that guy upto with her? They're done for good! Why can't he just understand that when he was clearly the one who pushed her away.

"Evening? "She asked her boss to be sure if she heard her correctly and she nodded her head 
  "Yes of course Miss Isabel, evening for him and then the rest is in the early hours of morning till midday "he stated out to her
 She nodded sheepishly walking her way out of the office without a word
  What's this she has gotten herself into
  She opened the door of her office and walked in slumping down on her office chair with a heavy face 

  She heaved and just then Frank called her 
  📲Hey babe
He cooed 
She replied in a drawn voice, she wasn't cheerful enough even though she tried to sound so

📲what's wrong? They overworked you again 
📲So much Frank, I have a whole hell of a delivery to make for a whole week starting from tommorow 
📲That's bad! 

They both sighed 
📲C'mon that's work okay? It mustn't always be favorable all the time 

📲Really? Am even going to deliver to your company 
His eyes lit up at the piece of information 

She nodded 
📲I'm so happy then Isabel, cuz I will get to see you every single day for one week 

She beamed in excitement at least for him
📲Are you that happy? 
📲of cuz 
📲Then buy me lunch each time I come
📲I will Isabel cuz I love you so much 
📲Me too

  They hung up and that's when she noticed a figure standing on her door way all these while she's been making a call

She jerked a little cursing him under his breath 
    He began to clap his hand,
He advanced towards her after he had turned in the key on the key lock (door) 
   "Is that your so-called boyfriend? "He asked standing infront of her 

She shivered 
   He collected her phone but it was locked, he placed her fingers one after another until the phone finger print censor made the phone to unlock 

He smirked going over to her contact 
   "Whoa! So Frank Bernard is your boyfriend 
  And he's my PA
That's a huge coincidence, he's diligent and hardworking... "He rattled keeping her phone on the table 

   'Why will you date someone like him? "
  "Cuz I like him and he won't break my heart just like how someone else did"she snapped angrily 

  He smirked trying to touch her face 
  "Don't even try to touch me Max, just get out of my office now! "She ordered and that's when he felt like she was riling him up again 
  "Don't tell me to leave, I might do something nasty "
  She trembled seeing him advance closer towards, he lifted her up in a swift heading for her restroom which was fixed inside her office... 


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