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       EPISODE      Six

She made to exit the elevator but he pushed her back silently 
  Few seconds passed and they were yet to say a word to each other 

  She was scared if he might touch her here, she won't be able to resist at least the way her body was reacting meant she won't resist him if he tries anything stupid with her 

  He cleared his throat stealing a glance to her 
   "You work here? "He broke the silence and she managed a nod 

He turned to face her and her nervousness made her push herself to the wall of the elevator 

   Ofcuz that single attitude gave him an ample opportunity to step close to her 
  He smirked staring into her eyes 
   "How was yesterday? Don't lie that you didn't enjoy me? "He whispered before bringing his two hands to her waist 

     She gasped silently before closing her eyes briefly and then biting her lower lips which kept him smirking unend at her facial expression 

     "Leave me alone now Max!I'm not yours anymore "
  "Then act it out Isabel, you can't that's because you still feel something for me likewise me, I still feel something for you! "He said caging her with his two hands placed on the wall which housed her as he stood infront of her 

     "Resist me Isabel... I just pity your boyfriend cuz you don't love him"
   "I do"
"Really? Can I test that out too? "
She kept mute at his questions, she trembled in shock when he romanced her body with his fingers 
   "Stop! "She moaned out pushing him off her and lucky as she was, the elevator opened indicating that she had reached the 4th floor 

 She didn't waste time hurrying out almost immediately gasping as she ran out to her office 
 She began to pant and gasp for breath when she saw herself sitting down on her chair 

   "Miss Isabel "a staff called her name when she walked into her office 
   She raised her head to get the staff's orders 
  "What's it? "

   "There's a conference happening now in the boss office and he needs you now! "She reported and she didn't waste time getting up and following the staff from behind 

  She counted her breath steadily before the staff opened the door meant to be for the boss's office and both of them came into the office 

  Isabel genuflected a bit so she could greet the guest in the room 
   "Good morning "she greeted moving over to her boss side 
  "Here take a seat "he offered her seat beside his table as they faced the round table of men from respected offices and companies but then she coughed unintentionally when her eyes fell on Max who was staring at her also.

"So... "Her boss started speaking again but she wasn't concentrating anymore, she wanted to get away from here as soon as possible but it wasn't easy 

 Each time she tried to stare around the room, her eyes always wondered to where he was and she always caught him staring at him and winking 

  She almost scoffed out loudly if not she turned into an unimaginary cough covering her nose 
    "Sir can't you excuse me please, I think I caught a cold"
  "Never mind, why I called you here is to say or sum up the fact that you're needed to do some delivery for a week for each of the companies representatives seated here "

 Her jaw dropped, she was used to do it this kind of job but including Max into it felt like a no-go job this time around 

   "You mean... "
  "Exactly miss"someone chipped in from the group of men and guess who chipped in? 
   It was still Max who did that 

    "Why? Send someone else boss"
  He eyed her murderously 
  "Don't embarrass our company Isabel please"he whispered and Max gave a sheepishly smirk 

  A week! It have always been easy for her but this time around, its gonna be the most difficult task she would have to do this time around... 


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