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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞

   EPISODE            Five

He didn't stop his movement towards her until he was sure he had had full of hef their orgasms slapping on both of them and that's when Isabel regained her senses thinking about what she had just done! She just cheated on Frank! 

     "Why did you do this to me Max? "She asked him but he scoffed kissing her neck before getting up, dressing up to leave 
    "Why did you touch me? "She asked almost half yelling out to him
   "And why didn't you resist me? "
  "That's not my question Max? We ended tw years ago... Lemme be! 
   I'm not yours anymore! Stop bugging me?!!"

   "Then whenever I touch you, try and resist okay? "He giggled before banging the door close behind him 
  He walked home, he didn't come with his car so he had to use his leg just like he came

   He reached his house and then came in sighing and slumping down on his bed when he went into his room
  He kept smiling to himslef, he just had a good time with Isabel's body

   Its refreshing and kind of good to him, he began to laugh uncontrollably... 


     The next day was such a bad day for her, Frank calling her incessantly made everything worse cuz she felt so guilty for cheating on him but she couldn't help that stupid feeling each time Max is close to her 

  She dressed up to leave for work and by the she came into her living room, Frank was there fuming angrily for he was so worried that she wasn't picking up his calls 

    She smiled at him and that did the magic of erasing that angry expression on his face
   "Hey"she cooed getting closer so she could give him a hug.

"You weren't picking up my calls,I was worried "
Her guilty grew and she managed a smile 
   "Uhm... I was a little sick so urm.. "
  "Its okay as far as you're okay now"he kissed her lips hugging her gently for some minutes before they disengaged and he smirked at her

      "Let's go now, lemme drop you off at your office "he said and she gave a slight nod as he held her hand with his as they walked out of her house moving into the car which was parked outside 

  Throughout the journey to her office, she was silent and cold like an ice cube 
  She felt so, she was happy with this man until Max showed up from the blues and to crown it all again, she opened her legs for him!

    How could she do that? That alone was breaking her heart cuz she wouldn't want to hurt Frank for no good reason 

   Frank was there when she was broken, he picked up the pieces of my heart and patched them all up together, he gave her hope when she thought there was none anymore for her 

   And all she could do was to pay him back by sleeping with her ex! Someone who abandoned her when she needed him the most 

   She took a glance at Frank who was controlling the steering wheel with his hands 
   "Frank... I really love you"she mumbled and he tilted his head to look at her
  "I know you do even if you don't tell me about it"

He smiled saying so and she managed to smile back at him
  She sighed when he finally dropped her off infront of her office and then left 

  She heaved taking the main door before walking into the elevator, she pressed 4th floor button and just as the elevator began to close, someone rushed into it and she almost gasped at the same time at who came in like that 

    "Gawd! Max!! Leave me alone!! "
He smirked dressing his suit properly watching the elevator close up before them... 


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