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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞
           EPISODE        Four 

  "Wh.. What are you doing Max? "She asked feebly loosing her power of speech slowly 
   He gripped her hands tighter kissing her neck still until she began to moan like crazy

  He let her go just right then laughing
    "I'm the only one who can play your strings Isabel"
    "Go to hell for all I care Max! "She yelled getting so irritated 
  Why would he intimidate her like that? 

    "Get out! "She pointed to the door but he didn't bulge or move 
   "I'm calling the cops on you! "She threatened but he wasn't moved by that too
   "My boyfriend is coming over to my house tonight 
So go!!? "

At the mention of boyfriend once again, his depth rose immediately and he grabbed her once again pushing her into the couch with him ontop of her

Her breath became strong and hard 
   He lowered his head and kissed her softly at first but increased his pace when she began to respond to his kisses 

    It wasn't right... She felt but she can't help it 
   She's cheating on her boyfriend but does she have a choice? 
   She clearly doesn't have one 

   He pinned her harder to himself tearing up her gown as it ripped to shreds, she breathed harder 
  She can't even say stop anymore, 
     "Can your boyfriend make you shut up like I do? "
He asked her but she kept mute no words were forthcoming 

    The strings her body was playing on her isn't the one she will be entertaining thoughts with
     He kissed her belly sucking onto her navel and her legs rose in the air gripping tightly onto Max's waist 

     She clutched the couch handle tightly biting her lower lips with her eyes tightly shut against each other 
  She haven't felt this way for a while now, even though he used to sleep with Frank, this feeling with Max is different, totally different!!! 

  He made his tongue crawl from her tummy to her neck and to her neck line again .

  All her whole body shook and her a knot in her tummy tightened harder with butterflies dancing about which transmitted into her spine shaking her whole being

     She hummed, groaned, moaned and then back to a hum again before a groan again and then a moan
    He stopped for a while to pull of his top which he did in a hurry leaving his top flying in the air to God-knows where 

   He fixed his lips into hers after that and their tongue came in contact with each other 
  They sucked on each other's lips, rubbed their tongue against each other with their breath taking up one rhythm with sounded pleasant to Max's ear and fed his loins with lust the more 

    He had missed her so much especially her body, she sank her fingers deeply into his back when he began feasting on her b**bs 


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