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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞

      EPISODE        Twenty 

  She sucked, fuvked until he began to scream
  "I'm C*mming!! I'm really gonna c*m Isabel, "he said huskily grabbing hold of Isabel's hair until he released his c*m into her mouth 

  She smiled as she got up on her feet, un dressing herself, they haven't started yet 
  She took off her nightie and then her brå as her bøøbs revealed itself with nïpplés standing out on them
  His eyes widened feeding his groin again with her body 

  She pulled off her pant and then went back to him
  He began to tease him up again,she almost buried his divk into her but he groaned :
    "Con*om, in my jean pocket "he pointed half closing his eyes 

  She went to his pant pocket and grabbed the con*om, she tore it open, touched the tip of it...... She wore it on him and then gasped for breath 
  She climbed into his laps and then slowly but steady, she pushed his divk into her 

 She bit her lower lips shutting her eyes tightly and then groaning softly, he did same too as he held her waist scrubbing and massaging her bums with his hands.

She began to dance ontop of him as his divk went in deeper into her at each thrust 
  "Ahhhhh... "They groaned together 
   She flung her hair sideways so it would stay at one side of her shoulder and don't get in her way 

 He grabbed her hair and then tied it into a knot 
  "Ahhhhh.. "
She kissed, rubbed her tongue on his skin, she teased her fingers on his nïpplés, she sucked his lips as if she wanted to tear his lips up and then she fuvked him harder, faster and faster till their bodies became over sensitive which got their body shivering terribly 

  She was cumming likewise him too, they twisted, screamed and then fell back to the couch with her ontop of him 

 He wrapped his arms around her back closing his eyes briefly and panting for breath, he hadn't been breathing so steadily since they started this exercise 

   She gasped for breath lying ontop of him 
   "Are you okay? "He asked her and she nodded her head, he brought her head closer to his lips until he kissed her forehead allowing her to lie back ontop of him

   "Max... "
  "Hush! You were so good Isabel"
  "I don't mean that Max, I mean are we back together now? "
  He looked at her face and then caressed her forehead 

   "No one will take you away from me again not even Frank "
    She giggled really happy at what he said 
 Staying near him or close to him always make her feel safe and in the right hands 

  She always feel okay and nice all the time that he's so close to her, she smiled weakly closing up her eyes as he stroke her hair gently and softly till they both slept off...


   "Hey Frank! "Max waved at him when he saw him walk into his office with his files 
  He didn't speak to him, he almost ignored him if not that he was his boss

  "Yes sir"he replied with a heavy heart 
   He is still trying to fit in with his new life of letting Isabel go to another without looking so closely at the consequences of doing so
   "Can we talk for a moment? "

  "Talk about what? "
  "Hmmmm... Am your boss remember "
   "Oh... Really? Well, then talk"he said rudely sitting down on Max's numerous seats 
  "I didn't ask you to sit down... "He was still trying to pick out an offence when Isabel came into the office 

    "Oh hey! "She said to Frank who barely nodded, he didn't want to have heart attack so he bowed and left almost immediately 

   Max winked at her before opening his arms so he could come into him
  She didn't hesitate going into his arms as he hugged her 

  "Oh... I missed you"she said and he giggled pecking her cheeks 
   "I love you"
She smiled touching his nose with the tip of her first finger

  "I love you more Max"
  "Hmmm let's go on a date then "
  She nodded her head and he stood up from his seat grabbing her so she went into him

   "I feel like kissing you now Bel"
She giggled kissing him on his lips... 




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