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 ðŸ‘™S3X LIFE💧


 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞 

  EPISODE    Nineteen

She couldn't stop staring at the figure standing right before her, 
   "Max"she palmed his face, 
"I'm sorry I pushed you away, I love you now, I want to be with you if there is a way that can possible again "

  He didn't want to go either, those words of hers was touching the very part of him and softening him 
  He had flown all the way from Paris to here just to see her 
  "You see why I tell you that you can't reallu stay away from me for long Isabel"he held those palms which cupped his face all these time.

"I'm sorry I... "
He said and then pushed his way into the room
  He kissed her lips, nose, eyes, cheeks, forehead, neck and then back to her lips again, he just don't want to stop

 Maybe he wanted to have another s3x with her, he pushed her slightly and she fell back to the couch 
  Her body was warming up for him, maybe he will welcome him with all her heart this time, no grudges at all, he pulled off his shirt facing her

  Their eyes met and they smiled at each other 
   He pulled her from the chair and then held her waist still gazing deeply into her eyes while she did same to his own eyes 

    "Fuvk me Isabel"he said to her and her eyes widened while she felt flattered the next minute
   "Fuvk me Isabel"

  "I can't... I can't do that... But you can do anything you want with me"He shook his head raising his hand up so he would help her out of his jean pants 

   "Max... "
   "You can do this"he assured her, she gulped hard grabbing hold of his trouser flap, unzipping it slowly before unhooking his belt.

She nervously pulled down his short revealing his manhood, it wasn't hard... Guess it was still sleeping 

   She began to kiss him, his lips, neck, his ear lobes and then his chest 
  She sat him down on her couch and then proceeded with kissing him all over again, every kiss carried a very important message which built and warmed them up the more for s3x

  She rubbed his whole body with her tongue and then began to suck on his little nïpplés 
  He almost went mad at that simple attitude of hers, 
   He didn't want to touch her, she's the boss and he will like her to play that to the end 

  She suddenly stopped caressing his whole body with her fingers, he hummed lustfully with his legs growing shaky and his loins getting harder and harder

    She trailed his fingers from his chest down to his legs, she parted his legs slowly and then came in between his legs 

  His covk touched her tummy and she smirked grabbing hold of his neck again, kissing him as she slowly and slowly took over his divk and stroking it gently 

 He began to moan louder but she didn't stop, neither did she want to stop what she was doing.

He almost asked her to stop cuz the pleasure was just too much for her to bear 
  "Isabel... "He moaned into her lips but she hushed him with another lip kiss again still stroking his divk, he shivered taking his lips from hers so he could groan out his pleasures

  She used that opportunity to feast on his divk, sucking his pee h*le and then stroke it gently with hwr fingers before scrubbing the whole of his divk with her tongue

  "Ah.... "
  "Is.. Isabel... Isabel!! "
  He shook terribly cuz of pleasure but it didn't stop right there 
   She took his divk into her lips and then began to fuvk her mouth with his divk 

 "Ahhhhh... "
"Stop Isabel"
  "Hush! Am in charge aren't I? "


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