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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞
     EPISODE   Eighteen 

"Okay then thanks"she thanked the secretary before walking out of the office
  She dialed his number when she got home but he didn't pick up his calls and on the third ring, Max gave the phone to a girl so she would answer the call for him 

   She was shocked when she heard a girl's voice so she didn't waste time cutting up her call

He smiled collecting his phone from the girl, he smiled harder which suddenly turned into tears 

  He missed her so much already, these few days with her had left a huge mark on him.

He longed to hold her again if it were once but he has to draw a line between them for now 

  She didn't give up home, instead she texted him
💬Forget about what I said yesterday
No reply... Max saw it and read it, even though he was a bit relived and wanted to say a few words to her, he rather ignored her

Shw texted back
💬I miss you
Seen but no reply, she hissed but wasn't angry at least he was reading her message and not ignoring them totally

💬I want you to come stay with me
Seen, tempting but no replies

She texted again
💬I loved it the last time that I slept in your arms 
  It was one of my warmest night ever 

Seen, tempting to reply but he held himself in for a while.

💬Max, Frank let me go to you... So stop ignoring me
So tempting but he didn't reply still

She kept on texting and texting 
💬I wish I will wake up in the morning tomorrow and behold your face first but that's not impossible cuz you're so far away from me

He read but still didn't reply 
 💬Max, I still love you so much so try and come back to me in full piece

He was getting more relaxed with her messages but still couldn't get himself together to talk to her

  He rather called someone 
📲I'm sorry please but get my jet ready by tomorrow, I'm flying back home
I hung up after that 


She yawned when she heard the doorbell, she went to the door and still feeling sleepy, she opened the door to see Max standing infront of her just like she had wished.... 



  1. So interesting, can u pls post d next episode(19)?

  2. Please just release the rest episodes now. 😭



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