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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞

      EPISODE  Seventeen 

     She was shocked and surprised at the same time to hear such words from him 
   But he meant it 
  "Is that what you want? Will he be enough for you and probably make you happy? "

   She didn't speak, she was just staring into his eyes to be sure if he was really serious about what he was saying or was he just faking it maybe to mock her

   "Urm... "She tried changing the topic as she wiped her tears from her face
   How could have cried infront of him like that? 
  "Don't lie to me Isabel, I know you love him so much 
  At least with the way you act around him and the way he acts around you... Its obvious you chose him over me"

   "Frank... "
  "Its fine, I'm not angry "
  She stared into his eyes once again, he was being truthful from the look in his face and eyes.

He smiled to her
   "I will let you go to him "he said and she was more shocked but tried not to show it 
   "Are you breaking up with me? Are you dumping me? "

  He shook his head
  "Am always there when he stops loving you or he refuses to take you back"he said and she went into his arms laughing and crying at the same time 

   Max who followed her up to this point watched them, he didn't hear what they were talking about but when they hugged, he saw the happy expression on her face which meant that she was happy without him

  She will always be good without him loving him or not, he sighed 
   He dialed a number on his phone 
📲Prepare my jet please, I need to take a flight to Paris and stay for a while
📲yes sir 

    He hung up and then gave them one last look before storming out.... 

Next day, 

   She woke up with a beautiful smile on her face, she hasn't been much happier until Frank let her go to the love of her life 

   She jumped out of her bed rushing into her bathroom to take a bath and then go and see Max 

  She was a little bit bothered that Max might mean his words about letting her go if not, why didn't he come to her house last night like he used to? 

  Why didn't he call?... Never min, Iwill arrest him by the time I seduce him with my body... She giggled thinking weirdly as she brushed her teeth repeatedly touching every edges of her teeth.

Few minutes later, she was prepared to leave 
   She sighed walking out of her house and taking a taxi to her walk place 
   Five minutes later, she was already in her office typing in words hurriedly into her laptop, she was so happy and eager to leave today so she could see Max after her delivery service 

    Time clocked and clocked and she was still busy with what she was doing until when it was about 5pm in the evening she was done! 

  She yawned looking up from her desk for the first time since morning 
  She streched herself before getting up from her chair 
   Someone knocked on her door and came in afterwards 
   "Miss"the guy called

  "Yes "
  "The delivery for evenings is ready"
   She nodded beaming and winking at herself 

She cat walked out of her office heading for Max's company 
   After deliveries, she went straight to his office 

   "Looking for someone? "His female secretary asked her when she kept peeping into his office door 
   "Yes"she grumbled 
     "He didn't come to work today"

   "But why? "She asked in a worried tone
   "He went on a trip to Paris and won't be back for some days"

Her face fell.... 


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