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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞

     EPISODE  Sixteen 

  Immediately he was inside the restaurant, he began to cry
   He lowered his head on the table cried his eyes out 

  Is he really going to let her go? What happens if he really did? Will she get over him too? 
   He will have to travel out for some weeks, he won't bear seeing her with that flirty guy who called himself Frank 

   He looked out of the glassy walls to see her rooted to where she stood crying profusely just like him
  It drew more tears to his own face 
   He won't bear it if he's really going to let her go, she won't bear it too

🎶And is killing me to say 

🎶I'm fine...I'm fine 

🎶Well you don't need me to say.... 

   She saw him from the transparent glassy walls of the restaurant looking at her 
   She didn't stop looking at him 

  She wanted to go to him but she can't, he's already her ex and she must allow it to stay there 

   She was hurting likewise him too... 

   'Hey Isabel you don't look cheerful today "Frank asked as she came to our office so they could go to his house together 

  She tried to fake her face to make him believe she was fine but she couldn't 
  She began to cry covering her face with her palms 
   He held her to his chest 
    "Stop crying Isabel"
 She didn't stop, she cried harder 
  Why? Why would she still love him even after everything he did to her two years ago.

How she had gone pleading with him to take her back but he always shut the door on her face until he left the country only to come back saying he loves her and he came back for her

  She cried harder 
   "What's making you cry so much like this? Is it Max my boss? "
She nodded her head, she can't keep it to herself anymore on how much she had gone crazy about him

  She had always liked him right from the start three years ago, she was the one who wooed him into loving her, she kept pestering him until he liked her back, she was always crazy about him and that feeling have never for once changed 

  As she nodded, a fierce pain came in deeply into Frank's heart 
  "Why? Did he touch you? "
  "He won't bother me again and each time I saw him, I should never talk to him or act as if I know him"she sobbed saying so 

  He stared on at his own girlfriend, he can't make her happy, staying around her won't make her heart beat for him

  All she needs and wants is Max by her side and that's it! Even though he's into double dealings with girls, his heart beats for Isabel and now she doesn't love him and will never love him cuz there is hope she would 

    "I will get him back for you'.... 


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