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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞

   EPISODE    Fifteen 

        She smiled walking into her office, she had just finished deliveries for today 
  She packed up her things in a move to go when Max came into her office 

  He didn't even give her a chance to shout others at him before she grabbed her hand pulling her away with him

  She struggled to get free of her hand but it was futile
   "Let me go! Let me be!!! "She shouted but he ignored her until he dumped her inside his car zooming off with her.

He sped harder and harder until he reached his destination 
   He hopped out and then went to the other side of the car to get her out 
  She refused to come out so he forced her out of the car 
  "Let me go! 'She shouted but it was of no use 

   "Come here, I want to take you to a beautiful date "
   "I have a boyfriend!! How many times will I tell you that! "
  He bent his head a little bit kissing her lips 

   "Now I kissed you, what did you do? "
   "So?? "
  "I love you Isabel"
  "Look, there's something I found out about your boyfriend "

  "Don't try to put me off about dating him cuz I won't break up with him!! "
   "Did you ever know... "
   "I don't care to know about him! He's better than you in every way "

  Those words were riling him up and she never knew that 
   "Stop saying that Isabel! I know you love me"

    "I do but I can't date you again, I once dated you and I want it to remain like that in the past "

  He made to hold her so they would go into the restaurant but she pulled away 
  "I'm not going anywhere with you Max...I... "He kissed her, he held her waist dragging her closer to his skin 

   Their body was gummed to each other with their tongue rolling against each other 
  He kept kissing her until she began to soften to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck closing her eyes.

He stopped kissing opening his eyes to look at her face 
   "You're still pretty Audrey"

  "Max I.. "
"Hush! Stop talking about Frank, it makes me feel somehow and I don't want to feel that way "
   "Max... "
  "I know that I don't deserve you but Frank doesn't deserve you too"
   "He deserves me too"

  He smirked 
  "You will soon know whom Frank is "
   "I know Frank even more than you can say"She snapped

She knows that she really don't like Frank but that doesn't actually mean that he's not her boyfriend 
  He loves her no matter what and she will try so hard not to break his heart 

    He let her go for a while biting his lips 
  "Look I'm sorry I let you go but... "
  "No buts Max! Did you know how I felt? I felt like the whole world came crashing on my head, I was broken Max! "

   "I felt same way too and that's why I came back
 I came to find you, I came to take you back 
  You don't have to keep refusing me Isabel cuz I still love you"

She kept quiet as she brought her gaze to his eyes staring at how sincere he was 
    "Max no matter how much you try to intimidate me, I will never come back to you"
He was taken aback by her stubbornness towards him, he stepped closer to her but she took a step back 

    "But you always give in whenever I touch you"
   "That's because no one can touch me like you do! But it doesn't mean am yours! I belong to Frank! "

 He stopped walking looking at her 
  "Max... "
He was too weak to utter one more word to her 
   "Say no more word, I won't force you anymore and you shouldn't talk to me too 
   Its really over between is Isabel.... 'He gulped hard 

  She didn't mean to push him away but it was already cuz she just did that 
    "Max... "
  "Here"he pushed in some money into her hand "it can take you back home if you take a taxi"he added 

  She tried to explain or maybe to hold him but he was too pissed off to even entertain that 
   "Max... "
  "When ever you see me, behave like a stranger while I behave like one too Isabel"
  He feigned a smile walking his way into the restaurant 

  The tears which she had been holding in all these while bursted up and began to stream her eyes.... 



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