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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞

EPISODE     Fourteen 

Frank was surprised more than how shocked he was
   What's he doing in her girlfriend's house? 
  She was dumbfounded and Max himself didn't mind

 "Hey boss, what are you doing here? "
   "Oh hey! I came to see her"

Her?? Thundered in his ears, why would he see his own girlfriend? 
   Isabel stepped in
  "Max, I told you to stop seeing me! I have a boyfriend!!! "

   He shook his head 
  "A boyfriend whom you don't love "
Frank sighed looking at Isabel to explain all these before her 

   "Look Frank, he's my ex"
His eyes widened 
  Ex?? His boss her ex?? This is not right 
   "Well that's not it
Isabel, I'm your ex whom you love so much "max corrected smiling at Frank who was as dumbfounded as ever 

He thought Isabel loved him
  "That's not true Frank"she made to vindicate herself but he interrupted painfully 
   "Where were you last night? "

She was caught in the web, he glared at her with so much hatred in his eyes before he turned to his boss too
    He didn't speak again, henjust left the house 

  She was shattered 
  "Max what have you done!! "She cried 
   "Telling him the truth, you girls like these kind of situation with guys 
   You don't love the guy and you can't admit it"

   "I didn't ask you to say a word did I? "
  "Frank doesn't deserve a heart break sweet heart "

 She pushed back
  "What made you think I will ever go to you"
   "I will seduce you until you come to me"

 She ruffled her hair deeply angered and worried at the same time 
   "Why did you do that to him? I might not love him but do you know how much he means to me? "

   "Isabel stop that crap okay? Good night"he kissed her before leaving the house 

She broke down slumping down on the ground and crying her eyes out.


The next day, Frank phoned her so they would meet at the sub-urb town before she leaves for work 
She dressed up and went there to meet him 

  When she saw her coming, he came closer to her and hugged her before he kissed her
  She was surprised 
  "Frank... "

  "Hush Isabel, it doesn't change the fact that my heart still beats for you"
  "Frank but now you know.. "
"You guys gave me a reason to fight harder to get you, it showed me a way of seducing you even more to own self"

  He was hurting but he didn't mind 
   "I love you Isabel and I will never want my boss to take you away from me "
She began to sob, sob and sob before he hugged her patting her back gently 
  "Its okay Isabel "


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