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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞


  Frank was confused and short of words looking at the both of them 
  Why was she on the floor and shouting and was his boss going to touch her in the first place? 

   "What's wrong? What happened here? "He asked no one on particular and that's when Isabel stood to her feet going into his arms 

   "I'm sorry boss but she's my girlfriend "he put in trying to defend her just in case he made his boss shout at her 

  Max didn't speak, he just turned and went away
   Frank turned to Isabel leading her out of the office

    "Are you okay now? "He asked and she nodded visibly shaken still, she didn't know it was Frank who will come in else she wont have shouted cuz now what she's going to tell Frank is the problem now 

  "Its okay "he said again sitting her down on a bench which was under a tree outside the company compound 

    "I'm fine"
 "Let me go get you some coffee "she nodded while he left 

  What was that scene at his boss's office came playing into his head again 
   Why is he so worried about it? The way they looked at each other seemed like they might know each other before 

He tried waving every thought off his head but it just won't go away
  Isabel sighed waiting for Frank to come back 

    "Are you sure you're okay? "He asked him again for the umpteenth time this time they were at her house

 She nodded without words trying to get off the car but he held her arm
   "Is there something I might know? "

Her heart thundered 
    "Know? "
   "Yes like what made you shout like that? And why you were in my boss's office "

Her heart began to beat wildly, she was visibly shaken and it was in her eyes too he noticed..

"Uhm... "
  "Do you guys know each other? "He asked again she had a hot seat

She didn't want to lie to him or keep on lying all the time to him too
   She smiled kissing him on his lips so she would confuse him
   "I love you Frank"she said afterward 

   But he wasn't moved by that, there's something she's not telling him he felt it but he won't persuade too much to talk about it 

 Instead, he would trail with caution until she tells him something that's wrong with her 

  He feigned a smile ruffling her hair for her 
   "I love you too"he replied and she smiled not with all her heart.

She was guilty but she can't help it
   She came out of his car and he followed suit 
  "What? Aren't you going home? "She asked him when he followed her closely behind 

  He nodded 
  "Since you can't come over to my place, I will stay over at yours "
She smiled holding his arm as they dissappeared into her house but then something strange happened 

 When she wanted to open the door to her house, she found out that it was unlocked and she panicked throwing her door open almost immediately to behold Max relaxing on her sofa and waiting for her.... 


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