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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞 

        EPISODE     Twelve 

He waited patiently, he didn't dare leave his house, something was telling him that she's lying about being at work 
  He paced about the whole place until she saw her running home, his anger boiled 

   She was shocked to see him still waiting for her, she was trembling in fear 
  Her legs almost stopped moving if not that he feigned a smile so as to reassure her that nothing is wrong 

   "Hey! You told me you're going to work"he reminded her and she began to laugh, a laugh she never meant 

  "Let's get in first, I missed you so much last night "
  He almost scoffed cuz he felt like he's being played on all these while 
  He went in after her into her house 

   "Sit... "
  "Where are you since last night, don't lie to me"
She gulped hard, how did he know she didn't sleep here last night? 

    "Don't lie to me cuz I was here since yesterday "
She almost slumped to the ground at that sudden revelation 
   "Uhm... "
  "Are you cheating on me? "
  "Why will you think that? "
 "I don't know but the way you are acting now seems like its true"

   Her face fell
  "I'm not cheating, why will I cheat on you when I love you so much "she lied 

   "Tell me where you went yesterday "
  "I was... I went to a friend's house, I mean the deliveries stuff and... "

He kissed her,
    "Don't lie to me again next time, tell me wherever you want to go to and don't make me angry all the time over nothing "

 Her heart began to bleed, why? Why is being like this towards this man? He loves her and its so visible in his eyes so why is she cheating on him?

"I'm sorry "she apologized and he nodded 
   "Its fine since you love me and I love you"
   "I'm so sorry "she began to sob and he hugged her 
   "Its okay Audrey, I shouldn't have been angry with you"

   That wasn't her worry at all but how she will keep up the act of lying for him

She was done for today, she delivered the goods to Max's company.

"Thanks Audrey but... "
"No buts Max, stay away from me! Remember this is my boyfriend's place of work "

   "Say one more word to me about him and I will fire him"he warned trying to get closer to her but she ran off if not that her heel misbehaved making her fall to the floor 

  He smirked getting close to her 
  "Don't come close Max"she began to say until it turned into a scream 
   "Leave me alone Max! "

   He stopped in his tracks when she screamed but she didn't stop there, she began to cry 
  Why? Why does her heart still beat for this bastard? 

   Frank who heard Isabel's shout traced the sound to his boss office 
  He panicked opening the door to see Isabel on the floor with his boss an inch away from her 

    "What's wrong? What's happening here? "
He asked staring from one person to another... 


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