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 Can't get over each other 😭😡💔

Strictly Rated🔞
  EPISODE        Eleven 

Phone ringing and alarm bell jingling woke the both of them from sleep 
     She yawned raising herself up from max's body 
   She opened her eyes slowly rubbing them with the back of her palms when the sun rays came in contact with them 

  Max feeling a weight leave his body opened his eyes to see Isabel trying to get out of the bed but couldn't cuz she's naked

  He smirked which attracted Isabel's attention 
    "Good morning "she greeted but that wasn't from her heart, she was a little bit embarrassed when her mind recalled all that happened yesterday 

  But then persistent ringing of her phone made her mind wade away from that 
   She picked up her phone from the low desk beside the bed checking the caller ID to be FRANK her heart missed a bit 

    She couldn't answer it at first until he noticed max staring at her, she had to answer it 
📲Hey Frank 
📲where are you? 

Was the first thing that came out of his lips 
📲Oh come on am at my home 
📲That's a lie 
📲Lie? Did you say am a liar? 

She panicked, what made him think that she isn't at home? Is it possible for him to be at her place now?

She checked the time and she almost had heart attack
Almost half past nine! 
She took her gaze quickly to Max before wrapping the duvet around her skin to cover her nakedness as she came out of the bed in a rushing picking up every piece of her clothing which was scattered on the yesterday 

She said panicking and hurrying into her clothes 
How did time fly so much? She didn't mean to stay out till this time particularly cuz she have a job to take care of.

📲where are you? 
📲I'm... I just went out to buy something, I mean... 
Her heart pounded hard
📲Did you say just?? I have been waiting for you infront of your house for the past one hour or so

Her eyes widened the more in surprise, he was waiting for her? And that's why... Oh my God
  This time she had finished dressing up so she sat down to wear her shoes and tie her shoe laces 
📲I'm so sorry, something came up that's why I delayed 
📲Something like what? 
📲I'm almost home okay, just wait a bit 
She hung up standing up in her shoes she looked at Max 

    "Will you continue lying to that poor guy? "He asked her 
   "Just a mix up Max but I love him"
  He clenched his fist 
  "Don't tell me you love him so I won't do something nasty this morning "
He warned getting out of bed naked with his d*cm dancing infront of him

She looked away heading for the exit door immediately before he gets trapped inside his little s3x world again.

He was swift enough to back hug her before she went out with his hardened d*ck pressing against her back 
  She hummed shivering 

"Let me go, someone is waiting for me at home"she kinda pleaded 
   He held her waist kissing her back neck and lying his head on her back

    "Admit it that you don't love him but me, you're just pitying him Isabel"
   She didn't speak, he called again 
📲Can you go home Frank, I think I will go to the office like this, I'm sorry it was urgent 
📲How urgent? 
She felt a little sarcasm in his voice but she didn't let that get to her 
📲Uhm... You know I've some deliveries to do
He hung up 

   He clenched his fist almost at the edge of sobbing, he just found out or maybe himslef is deceiving him but as far he's concerned, he thinks so strongly that Isabel is cheating on him and how he found out was yesterday 

  He couldn't find his house key in his office and considering how late it was he went over to Isabel's place to sleep only to find her missing.... 


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