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 πŸ‘™S3X LIFEπŸ’§

πŸ‘ MY EX🍷

 Can't get over each other πŸ˜­πŸ˜‘πŸ’”

Strictly RatedπŸ”ž
    EPISODE      Ten 

 She panted heavily as those liquids rushed out in between her legs 
   He sucked it up with his tongue and then sighed 

   She still breathed heavily with her thoughts flying up and down, what she doing the right thing? But this is where her heart belongs? Maybe she will have to break up with Frank if need be... He will understand but still, she hates to think that she's going to hurt his feelings 

  That's so wicked of her to jilt Frank because of an ex who never cared about how she felt when he broke up with her 

   Her anxiety grew, she's a woman and she knows what she wanted just that there's a little mix up in this... 

   Max pulled off his jean pants carefully so he won't hurt himself around his flap area where his hard d*ck portruded badly 

  He took off his shorts too and then winked at Isabel 
   "Here Isabel, please me"he said kneeling down on the bed and positioning his d*ck so well so she would take it into her hands and give it those touches she gave it back then that always made him swim in the sky.

She cast away every thoughts on her head grabbing hold of his divk and stroking it gently with her fingers 
  She rubbed and licked his pee h*le which got him swimming in the sky, she began to rub his divk kissing every vein which stood out of his divk and then back to licking his pee h*le 

    "Ahhhh.... "
"Is.. Is... Isabel... "
  "Ahhhhhh... "
  "Hmph! "
"Oh my!... Jeez! Fu*k!! Oh damn! A$$holes"he groaned speaking to himself 

    She didn't stop until he pushed his divk into her mouth and then she began to suvk gently at first but then increased her pace with her mouth fuvking him and giving him those weird pleasures again 

  He didn't know when he grabbed the back of her head so she won't stop what she was doing 
  He really wanted that, when was the last time he had a hot blow job with someone? He couldn't remember and here his ex is giving it to him hot and sexy.

She sucked and sucked till he was about to cum
He began to groan out loudly until he emptied his cum into her mouth and she swallowed it 

  They both fell back to the bed as he wrapped his arms around her 
   "Don't think about anything not even about how you cheated on your boyfriend Isabel just sleep "he said to calm her nervous mind

But she won't lie, lying naked ontop of Max's body was giving her the most pleasant feeling ever 
   Her bΕ“ΓΈbs pressing against his own hard ni**les reminded her about two years ago 

  They were always like this, sleeping side by side and next to each other's skin 

 She smiled closing up her eyes and falling into a deep, long and pleasant sleep at least it wasn't all that wrong that she slept over at Max's house.... 


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