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( The Cutest Babies (5)

“What do you know? Babies are all like this, they don’t start to show distinct facial features until they’re at least one month old… When you were born, you were much uglier than them. I thought I gave birth to some ugly creature and was actually pretty disappointed.”

Su Yu was speechless.

Su Yu and Mrs. Su looked at the babies for a while with love in their eyes.

Especially Su Yu, his feelings were pretty strange. He loved the twins from the bottom of his heart.

When they walked out of the NICU, he took out his phone and posted in the group chat about the news, “Great news! Doctor Huo gave birth to a pair of beautiful twins at 1:36 AM and 1:38 AM respectively on October 23rd. Both the mother and daughters are doing well.”

It was already midnight when Su Yu sent out the WeChat message, but people responded immediately.

Tang Chuan responded, “What the hell is going on? All I did was go out, have a drink, and nail a girl… Meanwhile, Doctor Huo already gave birth?”

Gao Ran responded, “I’m on the night shift and was pretty sleepy. Now with the news, I’m awake again. Doctor Huo give birth to little princesses? Congrats!”

Wei Liao said, “Xiaowei is breastfeeding our son so I’m in full charge here… Congrats to Huo Mian for officially becoming a mother.”

Jiang Xiaowei responded, “Breastfeeding doesn’t mean I can’t respond on WeChat… Haha, Mian gave birth to girls. We can even become in-laws… I know where I can find my son a wife now…”

Tang Chuan exclaimed, “Are you sure you want to be in-laws with Huo Mian? Do you really think Wei Yunchu will be smart enough for a genius’s baby girls?”

Wei Liao responded, “You don’t need to worry about that. Xiaowei is super smart as well, so I believe our son will be able to handle them.”

Zhu Lingling wrote, “Since she gave birth to two at once, Xiaowei can have one and I’ll take the other one… I want to be in-laws with her too.”

Gao Ran said, “Lingling, let’s not be crazy with them, okay? The problem here isn’t whether we can become in-laws with Mian but is how to give birth to a son first…”

Tang Chuan laughed, “Yes, makes sense.”

Ni Yang asked, “Big Brother Su, how’s my sister? Is she doing well?”

Su Yu responded, “Yes, she’s just a bit tired so she’s sleeping right now… You guys can start coming in to visit tomorrow…”

Ni Yang responded, “That sounds good. Let me think about what presents to get for my little nieces.”

Tang Chuan agreed, “Yes, yes, yes. Presents are important.”

Jiang Xiaowei asked, “Do they have names yet?”

Su Yu responded, “I haven’t asked Huo Mian for their official names but they have nicknames already. From what I heard from Auntie Yang, the older one is called Pudding while the younger one is called Little Bean.”

Zhu Lingling responded, “That’s amazing, Pudding and Little Bean.”

Tang Chuan asked, “Why wasn’t it jelly and beans?”

Wei Liao responded, “You’re just a foodie… To me, you look more like jelly.”

Jiang Xiaowei said, “The names are super cute. I really want to see these cute little girls.”

Su Yu said, “They look like monkeys right now.”

Su Yu’s response surprised everyone…

Tang Chuan laughed, “I’m going to screenshot what you just said and send it to Huo Mian. I wonder how she would respond when she finds out that you said her daughters looked like monkeys.”

Su Yu threatened him, “Try actually doing that. See what consequences you’d face!”

– In a quiet manor near Seattle, USA –

Due to the time zone differences, it was day time there.

“Big Brother… News is in from China and your wife just gave birth.”

“She gave birth already? So soon?” Qin Chu’s eyes showed signs of slight surprise.

“Yes. She gave birth naturally to a pair of twin girls and everyone’s doing great.”

“Mian’s really been through a lot… A pair of twin daughters… That’s really nice… It would be nice if they could become kind and smart women like their mother when they grow up…”

Qin Chu’s eyes softened and showed much love.

He used the black cane in his hand to help himself up.

“So when do you plan to go back? Your wife just gave birth and her body is the weakest now… If you don’t go back now, it might give a chance to Su Yu. What if she and Su Yu…?” Qin Ning didn’t finish the last bit of her question but it was obvious what she was trying to convey.


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