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( Only Huo Mian Was Still Trying (5)

At this time, a knock sounded from the door.

“Come in,” looking at the door, Huo Mian said.

Yingzi strode in, clanking the ground with her high heels. She put a stack of contracts in front of Huo Mian. “Young Madam, I would like to terminate our contract.”

Stunned, Huo Mian raised her head and looked at the woman in front of her…

“Terminate what contract?” Bella was thoroughly confused.

“Young Madam, don’t blame us for this. Ni Yang treats you like his own sister, and that’s why he couldn’t tell you himself. But as his agent, I have to say it… This concerns the future of our studio… Ni Yang is hot right now, and a lot of entertainment companies are offering us really high prices… Imperial Star and Huo Entertainment are both good companies… Smart people know that this company is almost over… If we stay here, Ni Yang’s reputation will be ruined… Then, you won’t be able to pay as high of a salary. If you’re really thinking in his best interest, let him go… Dying alone is better than dying together.”

“What the hell did you say?” Bella was infuriated by Yingzi’s speech.

“Yingzi, are you ditching us in our time of need?” Yang couldn’t remain calm any longer as well.

GK Film and Television gave their best resources to Ni Yang and made multiple movies and television shows with him.

Now, they acquired a famous producer to produce a new album for him. Ni Yang was at his peak, but Yingzi wanted to terminate his contract.

“You can’t blame us for that… Let’s be real here, it’s every man for himself… Young Madam, you should understand where we are coming from. As for the default penalty, I think you should just let it go… After all, Ni Yang worked very hard for you here for a while…”

“Worked hard for me… Haha, if I recall correctly, Ni Yang’s life was saved by me…” Huo Mian snickered.

Upon hearing this, Yingzi’s face dropped slightly…

“Ni Yang doesn’t know about your decision for him, right?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yes, that kid’s too naive and emotional. He won’t agree to the termination. So, I took over…”

“So, why do you think I won’t ask for double the default penalty?” Huo Mian continued to smile.

“You… Don’t you treat Ni Yang like your little brother? Would you really scam money out of your brother?” Yingzi began to panic a little.

“Haha… A brother would never treat his sister like this, he would never leave his sister in her time of need…” Bella mocked on the side.

“I’m at the end of my rope here… President Qin is caught up in a murder case, and the company is on the edge of dying out… You can’t let us go down with you… I have my own employees too. Love is love, but even blood siblings have to settle accounts fair and square.”

“Okay, I’ll terminate your contract if you can give me double the default penalty.” Huo Mian was quick and to the point.


Double the default penalty was a great sum of money, and Yingzi would never agree to hand that over.

“Ni Yang is so good to you, how could you do this to him?”

“This is not related to Ni Yang anymore, it’s related to your studio. If I

felt like spoiling my brother, I can slip him money in private. At work, a dollar is a dollar. You said it yourself, even blood siblings have to settle accounts fair and square.”

“But ever since joining GK, Ni Yang had always been bringing in a lot of profit for the company…” Yingzi argued.

“We never cut back on resources to bring him to this height,” Huo Mian replied.

“Haha… be like this. At this point, don’t blame us for turning on you… I’ve made appointments with many reporters, we’re going to publicly announce the difficulties you’re giving us about terminating the contract. We’ll make everyone see how fake you really are… They’ll see the so-called ‘love’ you have for your Ni Yang, your so-called ‘brother’.”

Yingzi threatened Huo Mian…

“Ha, do you know that the thing I hate the most is being threatened.”

“So?” Yingzi looked proud of herself, thinking that she was about to come out on top of this argument.

“So, you remember the last time when you sold out news about our company, leaked Ni Yang’s new album, and framed Chen Jie, right?” Huo Mian stared at Yingzi and smiled meaningfully.

Yingzi’s face immediately changed…

“I don’t know what you’re going on about!”



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