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(The Title ‘Genius’ Isn’t Just for Show (10)

The truth was, Huo Siqian was certain Rick wasn’t going to shoot…

Finally, Rick admitted defeat; he slowly put his gun down and repeated, for the third time, “Let go of Xixi…”

He was willing to die to save Qin Chu, but he couldn’t bear to see Xixi die in front of him in such a brutal manner.

Therefore, for the first time in his life, Rick admitted defeat.

He felt sorry towards his friend and Huo Mian.

When he picked Xixi up from an abandoned factory, Rick finally understood why Qin Chu was willing to risk his own life to save Huo Mian.

Because Huo Mian occupied every fiber in Qin Chu’s body, and he loved her more than his own life. That was how Rick felt towards Xixi.

– At Mo Xue’er’s private mansion –

Jiang Ye kissed Mo Xue’er’s neck as he intimately asked, “Xue’er, did you really reject Huo Mian’s proposal?”

“Why? You feel bad for her?” Mo Xue’er asked back, with slight jealousy in her tone.

“No, I just think… do you think it’s worth it to help Huo Siqian like this? He’s a devil who doesn’t care about anyone and can do anything… I think probably only Jesus is capable of punishing a man like him.”

“I’m not helping him, he was with me last night, I’m telling the truth. Stop asking me about it, I don’t want to repeat myself again.” Mo Xu’er’s expression turned grim as she pushed away Jiang Ye’s hand and rolled out of bed.

That evening, Huo Mian found it hard to go to sleep at Sky Blessing Court. She took out her phone and browsed through news and Weibo.

A lot of people cursed at her and Qin Chu; some of Huo Mian’s loyal fans even commented under her Weibo, “Qin Chu is such a coward, I can’t believe he’s a murderer. GK’s President is no better than a demon.”

“Yeah, Mian has to take care of Qin Chu every time he gets in trouble. He’s such a sissy, I hate him.”

“You’re right, Qin Chu is so weak. He lost to Huo Siqian and killed his wife as revenge, what an ass.”

“Yeah, aren’t he and his wife supposed to be geniuses? I really can’t tell.”

Upon reading these comments, Huo Mian almost exploded with fury.

Clicking reply all, she wrote, “I never thought Mr. Qin was weak and easy to bully, he just has a moral bottom line. If he didn’t, he’d be no different from scumbags on this earth, and none of this would’ve happened to him… Don’t be so shallow, take some time to analyze the situation… nothing’s ever as it seems. Plus, you only ever heard of me taking care of Mr. Qin’s matters, but you’ve never seen him risk his life for me. Humans can only see the benefits and losses in front of them and always disregard the truth… Stop being so unfair to us. Moreover, this is between the two of us, outsiders do not have the right to comment. Please shut up and go to bed, we’ll deal with our own family matters in private. Our IQ… actually has nothing to do with you.”

Huo Mian took a deep breath in; Qin Chu had done so much for her… When Zhixin got into a car accident, he performed a high-risk surgery for him. When she was buried in negative news after performing surgery on the pregnant patient, he helped clear her name. When she and Zhu Lingling got into a fight at the nightclub and were sued, Qin Chu provided a lawyer. When she got drunk and caused trouble, Qin Chu was mad but indulged her. When he was kidnapped, Qin Chu risked his life for her… everything that happened in the past year crossed her mind so clearly as if everything had just happened yesterday.

Jiang Xiaowei saw Huo Mian’s angry post and immediately shared with a comment of her own, “Mian, you go girl. Anti-fans are such idiots, stop talking nonsense! If Qin Chu is weak, then no one in this world is strong.”

Jiang Xiaowei still remembered when Qin Chu rescued Huo Mian. He was shot in the heart and almost died. If a man was willing to risk his life to save a woman, he must love her to death.

Every person only had one life… and only a few would risk theirs for other people.

Feeling dejected, Huo Mian was just about to exit Weibo when Su Yu sent her a private message, “You sure sound angry, do you want to come out for a drink?”



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