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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (14)

Tang Chuan was not your typical Scorpio at all… He was too funny, too talkative, and too much of a playboy.

Scorpios were supposed to be cooler and more collected…

Upon hearing this, Tang Chuan burst out in laughter, “So am I an atypical Scorpio?”

“You’re a failed Scorpio with a gene mutation.”

“F*ck, you need to drink three shots for insulting me as soon as you walk through the door,” Tang Chuan said as he raised his glass; he seemed to be in a good mood.

Su Yu immediately drank three consecutive shots.

“Go have fun on your own for a while, I need to talk to Young Master Su here,” Tang Chuan said as he slapped the two women’s buttocks, and they slowly got up, leaving him and Su Yu sitting in the middle of the couch.

“I haven’t drank with you in so long… You’ve changed so much since you met Huo Mian. Do you regret it?” Tang Chuan asked word for word as he stared at Su Yu’s face.


“Then do you feel that it is worth it?”

“Yeah,” Su Yu immediately answered.

Tang Chuan smiled bitterly, “The truth is, I envy you, I really do. I wish I was in love with someone I couldn’t forget. Love is such a luxury for me, but in my dictionary, love equals sex. Morning sex, bedtime sex, kitchen sex, bathroom sex, swimming pool sex…”

“Control yourself, Young Master Tang, take care of your kidneys, will you?” Su Yu joked.

Tang Chuan laughed, “I’m still young, my kidneys are fine. Three women a night? No problem.”

“That’s not bad either, because you know what you want. Love that doesn’t go to the heart will never hurt. There are always two sides to every story.”

“Yu… my dad talked to me last night.”

“What? He’s kicking you out of the family?” Su Yu looked up and asked.

“Not kicking me out… But he threatened me.”

“To do what?” Su Yu asked, a little surprised.

“He threatened me to marry that tigress from Uncle Liu’s family. It’s more of a business deal, you know.”

“Um… I met Miss Liu once, she’s really pretty. Yeah, she’s a little rude, but you wouldn’t be marrying down. After all, Uncle Liu only has one daughter, which basically ensures his company’s future merges with the Tang Corporation. It’s not entirely a bad thing, right?”

Su Yu analyzed the situation for Tang Chuan.

“I met that woman a couple of times, and we sometimes bump into each other at clubs. She’s not my type at all… Yeah, she’s pretty and her body’s nice, but she’s so pretentious. Once, when I wanted to sleep with her, she pretended to be a goddess and played Tom and Jerry with me. You know how hot-tempered I can be, I can’t stand when girls do that! Afterward, I stopped calling her, but she kept WeChatting me. How desperate is she? She asked me out for drinks and asked me to go on vacations with her, but I never agreed. I gave her a chance, but she played pretend with me, so it’s not my fault for not wanting more from her… I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but she told her dad that she wanted to marry me. His dad’s brain dead as well, he came knocking on my dad’s door and offered him a bunch of stuff that my dad couldn’t resist. You know how greedy my dad is, right? He’s been wanting to acquire Uncle Liu’s dealership network for a while now, hoping to monopolize the motor vehicle industry. This is a perfect opportunity… so he told me to marry her. It wasn’t a discussion, it was a command. You know?”

“So… you’re telling me that you’re getting married?” after listening to all that, Su Yu asked calmly.


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