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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (11)

“I’m not sure yet… but I’m guessing he didn’t find Qin Chu yet, or else he wouldn’t have probed me like that.”

“That means he’s still looking.”

“Of course he is, he won’t be able to rest easy without knowing that Qin Chu’s really dead.”

“I really hope that he’s still alive…” Su Yu said unconvincingly; it’s been so long and no one had heard from Qin Chu. Sometimes he selfishly wondered if Qin Chu really would never come back. Did that mean he would be able to take care of Huo Mian for the rest of her life?

“Huo Siqian must’ve said those things for a reason… He probably has a lead. Su Yu, tell me… if Qin Chu’s not dead and didn’t lose his memory, why isn’t he back yet?” Huo Mian asked Su Yu with tears in her eyes; the truth was, she was on the verge of despair…

“I think he must have his reasons…” Su Yu analyzed as he saw her depressed expression. Walking up to her, he consoled, “You just gave birth and your body is weak, don’t think too much and get some rest… once Pudding and Bean are taken out of their incubators and we know they’re fine, we will be able to go home.”

“Mhm.” Huo Mian nodded.

Then, Su Yu considerately tucked Huo Mian’s covers in and left, closing the door behind him.

A week later, Huo Mian and her babies were secretly discharged; the welcome they received at the Su Estate was extremely formal.

Grandpa and Mr. Su came back from Jing City, and the entire family held a dinner party that evening. Grandpa Su kept holding the twins, one after the other; he seemed to really like children.You’re reading novel on to vote for your favorite novel. Thank you !

Mr. Su’s face, on the other hand, was no longer icy and stern – he was even showing hints of gentleness.

“My gosh, my gosh, the twins are so pretty… They look really smart too!”

“Grandpa, they’re only 7 days old, can you really tell they’re smart?” Su Yu joked.

“I’ve seen so much throughout my life… the twins’ expressions reveal their potential… not everyone has this aura. I’m sure they’ll do well in the army,” Grandpa Su said confidentially.

“Here we go again. Me going to the army was harsh enough, and now you’re trying to trick Pudding and Bean into enlisting? They’re girls, they should be treated like princesses and be given everything they want,” Su Yu said arrogantly, as if the twins in front of him were his own.

Huo Mian sat on the couch, smiling quietly; she was long used to the people in this family.

At this time, Mrs. Su handed her a bowl of soup. “Mian, you’re still weak, have some blackfish soup…”

“Thank you, Mrs. Su.”

Mr. Su reminded her, “Postnatal recovery is important. Don’t get sick, or else you’ll regret it in the future.”

“I will, Uncle Su.”

“Dad, Mian’s a doctor, calm down, will you?” Su Yu talked back as he looked at his dad.

After dinner, Huo Mian and her mother brought the twins upstairs for bed. After they fell asleep, Huo Mian was dozing off when his mom suddenly said, “Mian, once the twins are one month old, let’s move out… Living here isn’t a long-term solution…”

“Now is not the time, mom, it’s not safe… Huo Siqian called me this morning, and it’s making me worry. He’s filled with ideas and capable of doing anything. I’m not scared of him, but I’m worried that something might happen to the twins…”

“But we can’t live here forever, unless you marry Su Yu.” Once again, Yang Meirong brought this topic up.


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