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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (28)

Su Yu was delighted; the fact that Huo Mian took the initiative to ask him made him feel like he was walking on clouds.

However, he still had to push down his happiness and play it cool. “Sure. Let’s go together then.”

“Okay. Then I’ll drive directly over.”

“No, I’ll pick you up.”

Su Yu’s parents and grandfather quietly listened to their conversation without interjecting.

After dinner, Su Yu went upstairs to play with the babies before driving home.

Ever since Huo Mian moved in, he never once broke the agreement he made with his mother.

He never stayed the night, afraid that others might gossip about them and blow things out of proportion.

Huo Mian went upstairs to shower and change after Su Yu left, while Su Yu’s parents and grandfather enjoyed tea in the living room.

“I think Yu and Mian would make a great couple,” Grandpa Su suddenly said.

“Dad, not you too!” Mr. Su looked at Grandpa Su.

“It’s not just because he’s my beloved grandson. I’ve just never seen him fall for anyone his entire life… A lot of pretty female soldiers tried to approach him when he was in the army but he was annoyed by them. I think he wanted to run away whenever he saw women… When he was discharged, he came back to open up a company. I still remember him getting into countless scandals, but we never intervened in his life. I think we respected his choices because we knew he would never do anything crazy… However, it’s different this time. Really… He pointed a gun at his own head to make me save her. At that moment, I knew he was fully into her, and that he was willing to sacrifice himself for her…”

Mr. Su and Mrs. Su didn’t say anything… They quietly listened to Grandpa Su.

“At first, I didn’t really like Mian. I thought she was an unlucky woman, the type that would make men fall for her so hard, the type that could easily seduce men… You guys probably thought the same way.”

Mr. Su coughed a bit, looking a bit embarrassed.

Mrs. Su was also embarrassed because Grandpa Su was completely right.

At first, everyone in the Su Family disliked Huo Mian and thought negatively about her.

“We didn’t truly get to know her until she moved in with our family… only then did I realize that Yu likes her character, her charisma, her personality… It wasn’t about her looks or figure at all… nor did it have to do with her future… He simply loved her… It was pure love… Mian didn’t disappoint anyone either. She always did her best and is a very honest and grateful child… Technically, we shouldn’t be thinking this way while she’s still married. However, her husband probably isn’t going to come back. If so, why can’t Mian just give Yu a chance?”

“Dad… I don’t think it’s that simple… As you know, Mian doesn’t like Yu back, despite Yu being madly in love with her. If Mian doesn’t accept Yu, there’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t always try to pressure her into a relationship… I just can’t do that,” Mrs. Su replied slowly.

“Dad… It’s not right for us to interfere with them…” Mr. Su locked his brows together.

“What’s wrong with interfering? I think it’s a great idea… I’m going to wait for a good opportunity to talk to Mian… I think she might consider Yu… The key problem now is that my grandson won’t even look at another girl. He only has eyes for Mian… If this lasts forever, the Su Family Lineage will end with him!”

“Dad. I don’t think we should talk to her about this. If Mian says yes, that’s great; but if Mian says no… it would be rather awkward for all of us. How is she supposed to continue living with us?” Mrs. Su was rather against Grandpa Su’s idea.


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