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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (1)

“Mom… I cannot explain everything in just a few sentences, but I do have my own plans.”

Huo Mian did not seem to agree with her mother’s opinion… but she did not want to have any disputes with her either.

So, she subconsciously started to avoid this issue…

“Okay… If that’s the case, I won’t say anything more…”

Yang Meirong was actually not disappointed, as she knew her daughter very well.

Sometimes, when Huo Mian became stubborn, she could be quite scary…

She was not perfect. Yes, she was a genius, but she still could have personality defects.

As a mother, Yang Meirong understood her situation, but she still hoped that she and her children could have a better life. She didn’t want Huo Mian to raise her children alone at such a young age…

When the children grow up, they would leave home and have their own husbands and families.

At that time, what would Huo Mian do? Spend her remaining years alone?

At this thought, Yang Meirong became sadder …

At this moment, the door to Huo Mian’s door opened… and a group of people walked in…

Su Yu took the lead, and behind him were Wei Liao, Jiang Xiaowei, Gao Ran, Zhu Lingling, Ni Yang, Chen Jie… and of course, the forever-alone Tang Chuan…

“Congratulations, Doctor Huo. Where are the baby girls? I’ll go take a look.” Tang Chuan couldn’t wait and put the gifts on Huo Mian’s bedside table. Then he started looking around for the babies.

“They are sleeping in the incubator, you can go there and take a look… or you can wait here. I will have them carried over as soon as they wake up.”

“Wow… I am so excited to see what my daughter-in-law looks like!” Zhu Lingling lamented.

“Me too…” Jiang Xiaowei looked calm.

Huo Mian laughed helplessly. “You two, is this really good? My daughters were just born less than 48 hours ago… and you two are planning their weddings already?”

“So, do you want to set up a betrothal with my family? My family is super rich…” Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

“Although not as rich, my family is one with high-ranking officials… When my son grows up, my husband, Captain Gao, will have been promoted to the provincial level… So, do you want to spare one of the twins for our family? Based on our long-term friendship… I promise to be super good to my daughter-in-law… and if my son dares to go out and mess around with other women, I will definitely break his legs…”

Zhu Lingling pledged in all sincerity…

“Hey hey… Darling, calm down. You are thinking too far ahead…” Gao Ran stopped Zhu Lingling from saying more.

Everyone burst into laughter…

Huo Mian received countless gifts that day.

There were gold bracelets, jade bracelets, jade Guanyin pendants… and diamond long life locks.

The level of luxury was astounding…

“Well? Young Master Su… what did you buy for the twins? Why haven’t I seen it anywhere?” Tang Chuan spoke out abruptly…

“I don’t have money to buy gifts, I’m too poor. I’m not super rich like the rest of you,” Su Yu answered shamelessly.

Upon hearing this, everyone almost spat out blood…

“President Su… You are too modest. If you were poor, then we would have been driven onto the streets to become beggars.” Ni Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Ignore him. He’s just pretending… I assume what he got is so good that he doesn’t want to show it to us.” Wei Liao laughed.

“Su Yu… you’re to blame then. Show and share with us if you got something good…” Gao Ran added.

But Zhu Lingling looked down at him. “Young Master Su, you really didn’t bring any gifts? You suck!”

Seeing everyone was making it difficult for Su Yu…

Huo Mian bravely stepped forward. “Gifts aren’t important. I have been living with the Su Family for months, and the money they spent on me is a sky-high number… Ha, I don’t want any gifts from him… It’s no good making him spend too much money. Su Yu needs to save up in order to get married in the future…”

After Huo Mian finished, everyone’s gazes shifted to Su Yu…

Knowing that he was unable to escape from everyone’s bombing questions, Su Yu slowly reached into his pocket and took out an invoice. Then he elegantly pressed it onto the table…

Tang Chuan had a quick hand and he immediately grabbed the invoice and took a quick look, being shocked speechless by what he saw.


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