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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (29)

“Why do we need to be so worried about everything? If we’re afraid of doing anything before even actually doing it, we won’t be able to accomplish anything! How do you know Mian would reject Su Yu before we even ask her? You two can sit back and relax… Just leave this to me.”

Grandpa seemed resolute, ending this discussion.

Mr. Su and Mrs. Su looked at each other helplessly.

If the situation was that simple, then everything would turn out great. However, the problem was that Su Yu and Huo Mian’s relationship was much more complicated than that…

Huo Mian took a bath filled with rose petals. It relieved a lot of her stress and weariness that accumulated throughout the day. When she came out of the bath, the babies were already sound asleep.

“Mom, are they asleep?” Huo Mian whispered.

Yang Meirong nodded. “Yeah, Little Bean’s easier to put to bed. It only takes a while until she’s sound asleep. Pudding takes a bit longer. She’s always looking at you with her big, round eyes… She’s like a spirit… However, I put some classical piano music on and she quickly grew weary. She’s now asleep.”

Huo Mian was in her bath towel. She leaned against her mom’s shoulder.

“Mom, thank you… You should go back to your room and get some rest. We’ll have to get up early tomorrow and take care of this pair of little devils again.”

“Okay. I’m going to bed now. You should go to bed soon. Are you going out tomorrow?”

She had overheard Huo Mian’s conversation with Su Yu during dinner.

“Yeah. I’m going to go to Ni Yang’s celebration party tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll stay long, probably just a few hours.”

“You don’t have to worry about them, stay longer if you want to. Mrs. Su and I will take care of these rascals. It’s been a tiring month for you so you should most definitely take some time off to relax.”


After Yang Meirong left, Huo Mian tip-toed her way over to the crib and leaned over to kiss the twins on their foreheads.

They had a nice milky scent to them…

“Wow… It’s incredible… These are my daughters…”

Huo Mian looked at the twins, sound asleep under the dim lights. She felt very warm inside.

Then, she hopped onto the bed and fell quickly asleep…

“Huo Mian…”


“Why are you sleeping in my class again? Do you think my class is boring?” the physics teacher scolded.

Huo Mian was lying on her table but the teacher made her stand up.

“Um… No, it’s not you, sir. It’s just that I’m wired to be sleepy during this time of the day,” Huo Mian responded, still not fully awake yet.

The whole class burst into laughter…

“What are you all laughing at. Shut up… I’ve been teaching physics for many years now and have taught many students, but your class is the worst! Huo Mian, I heard you’re one of the top students? Do top students behave like this?”

“Um… Please don’t get mad, Mr. Wu. I’ll try hard to control my drowsiness next time and not fall asleep.”

Huo Mian’s response once again made the whole class burst into laughter…

The new school year started less than a week ago, and no one knew each other well yet.

Even though midterms were still a while away, the teachers were already preying on Huo Mian because she was admitted with the highest grades.

Qin Chu was sitting in the same row as Huo Mian but there were six other people in between them, so they weren’t close to each other at all.

They had never spoken to each other. However, the girls tended to gather around Qin Chu.

They would try to get his contact information. Some even wrote him love letters.

Huo Mian wasn’t one of the pretty girls and she didn’t have a lot of boys chasing after her, unlike Zhu Lingling, who was sitting next to her.

Zhu Lingling was very pretty and therefore was extremely popular with the guys. Huo Mian was used to the scene already because she understood that people tended to judge others’ by their appearances.

It was the first time Huo Mian was publicly scolded by a teacher, so all her classmates’ attentions were on her.


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