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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (25)

There was a cute young girl standing next to him.

That girl was in a barbie pink luxury brand dress, which made her look very young. She had straight bangs and her eyes were incredibly big.

“I was wondering why my left eye keeps twitching today… It all makes sense now because something good was going to happen to me… Mian… you’re such a bad girl… you gave birth less than a month ago, and you’re already running around on the streets…”

When Huo Siqian saw Huo Mian from afar, he was immediately put into a good mood.

When Huo Siqian was close to Huo Mian, he was able to see her much clearer. When he looked at Huo Mian, his eyes were gentle.

November in Northern China was already cold…

The two princesses’ birthday was October 23rd, so they were Scorpios.

They were almost one month old, which meant November was coming to an end.

Everyone in the streets was wearing cashmere or leather jackets.

Some older people who were afraid of the cold had changed into thick down jackets.

Huo Mian was in a long white one-piece, with flouncing pearl-weaved sleeves and collar.

She looked very elegant in it, and she also wore a thin short black jacket on the outside.

The black and white style was simple, yet elegant…

Huo Siqian hadn’t seen Huo Mian for a while and really missed her.

He missed her so much that he forgot where he was and immediately approached her.

Huo Mian glared at Huo Siqian without saying a word. Her eyes just coldly glazed past him.

Yan Ruoxi, who was standing beside Huo Siqian, looked at Huo Mian with curiosity before glancing back at Huo Siqian.

“Huo Siqian, are these your friends?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know him that well,” Huo Mian denied immediately. Then she walked away with Su Yu.

Huo Siqian reached out to grab Huo Mian’s hand.

“Mian… It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. You won’t even smile for me?”

Huo Mian was burning with rage. If they weren’t in such a big crowd, she would’ve hurled her palm at his face.

“Let go of her.” Su Yu immediately stepped up and flung Huo Siqian’s hand away.

“I warned you before… If you dare to touch her again, I will kill you…”

Su Yu glared at Huo Siqian with anger… looking as if he was going to chop Huo Siqian into a billion pieces…

“President Su, hehe, I’m just joking around. You don’t need to be so nervous.”

“Who’s joking around with you… Get the f*ck out of it here.”

After cursing at Huo Siqian, Su Yu ignored all the people looking at them and grabbed Huo Mian by the hand.

The two left the restaurant…

Huo Siqian turned around to see Su Yu holding tightly onto Huo Mian’s hand…

His look had quite a deep layer of meaning behind it…

“Your friend sure is mean. He can’t even take a joke… Gosh.” Yan Ruoxi thought Su Yu and Huo Mian didn’t know how to behave maturely, and that Huo Siqian was a great person.

Mayor Yan was transferred from another city so his daughter was new to this city. She didn’t really know who Su Yu or Huo Mian was…

Therefore, she had no idea what had just happened…

“Are you okay?” Su Yu asked Huo Mian with a concerned look on his face after they left the restaurant.

Huo Mian, who had slowly calmed down, pulled her hand out from his.

“I’m fine… It’s just that when I see his face, I remember things… I just couldn’t control my emotions back there.”

“I understand.” Su Yu nodded, his heart breaking for her.

“Let’s go home.”


Huo Mian opened the car door and got into the driver’s seat.

“Are you sure you can still drive?” Su Yu asked jokingly as he just saw how mad Huo Mian was.

“I can’t just let you drink and drive right…?” Huo Mian also smiled.

Huo Mian then drove Su Yu’s Lamborghini back to the Su Family mansion…

– On the upper floor of the Korean barbeque restaurant, in one of the private rooms –

“Huo Siqian, who was the girl just now? Why do I feel that you were so good to her just now…”

Yan Ruoxi asked nosily…

When asked, Huo Siqian, who was wiping his hands off with a wet toilette, suddenly froze for a second.


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